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Yes, search the internet for “loss”. You might want to add “meme” to it.

Search for the last word of the comment.

What is stopping you?

One Falcon rocket launch produces roughly the same emissions as 400 trans Atlantic flights or 73 cars with average driving for a year.

So still only a fraction of aviation/automotive emissions.


What kind of AI wrote this shit?

NASA is about to launch its Space Launch System rocket for the Artemis 1 mission, and rumors are having to fly that the launch has been canceled because NASA's Artemis 1 launch was canceled due to an engine bleed issue.

So 7% is 1,75Gb? In total you have only 25GB? I hope you don’t mind the naive question, but shouldn’t that still be super cheap?

Why do you think it will definitely collapse. Couldn’t their subscriber numbers stabilise somewhere? 2

Didn’t the earnings go up 8%? To be honest. This does not sound too bad then.

On reddit the LifeProTips community is pretty useless I feel. Let’s see if it will be better here.

Let them go away then. The company/properties they leave behind is better without them.

Sure, it is complicated. But there are only so many billionaires. My countries spends way more resources on controlling the poor than a billionaire wealth tax would ever cost.

I wouldn’t mind capping the maximal net worth one could reach at (for example) 1 billion. And therefore tax any wealth beyond that with 100%.

I remember something like this: Musk shit posted on Twitter that the reason there is world hunger is because governments are incompetent of feading people. He also challenge some UN organisation to make a plan what it would take to end global hunger, and if he has enough money to fund it he would do it.

The UN then gave him a plan and said some lower two digit billion number to pay for it.

Then Musk forgot his shit talking and ignored it.

I will try to find some sources, but this is what I remember when seeing such memes.

Edit: is was only 6bil $. Here is an article. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/11/18/tech/elon-musk-world-hunger-wfp-donation/index.html


I tried circulation my subscriptions. One month Netflix, one month HBO,… But it is too tiring and annoying.

Piracy will always be preffered if it is easier and more convenient.

Do you have an instance and/or channel to promote. I wanted to look into peer tube, but have not found anything intersting on the first look.