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i wonder if it would work to remove the CSP header with a header extension though

this would have to be the same on all instances for federated articles to work, so that would be a problem

that would be possible, it would require “trusted” embed sources, e.g. youtube or catbox or whatever. i know of another reddit type clone site which has their own official video host and pic host that allow embed but they block others

it is a balance between security and usability, I assume it leans more towards security

Content Security Policy, this defines which domains may be used from the main site domain, this blocks different kinds of attacks but has the effect that random domains cannot be embedded

it is still not found after a few days

Though I cannot find this thread for example

When I search for my Lemmy instance, I am seeing about 2000 results, that includes posts https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=site%3Afeddit.de

I believe you can use a read-only checkout which should work without login on Github and then create patchfiles from the local git repo

It seems the search field searches for more than just the community name, e.g. when I search for Test it finds a lot of names but it also finds the community “Test”. It is probably easier to bookmark or subscribe a community when you post to it repeatedly (or remember the URL to type it)

actually / would be ok for urls, backslash would work as well, but it would require quoting in the url with %5c. Any other character could work as well like . or -

reminds me of the naming convention of usenet, rec.arts.tv.starttrek.tos

i think the main support is to parcipate, Lemmy is still quite small and there is no enough content

Login bug when changing the password in another browser
I just changed my password in another browser while being logged in with my current browser and that created a redirect loop, apparently the start page gets a API error with the password, redirects to the 404 page and that checks the same password, gets the error and redirects again. It worked after deleting the jwt cookie on the domain (feddit.de if that matters)

Ok, that program is really cool, the mailbox-style graphics are fun and it really looks like Usenet from the 90s

ok, after a while it starts up, i was just not waiting long enough

Is anybody successfully running this? I can start the program after stopping ifps but the it does not do anything