Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0 becomes a W3C Recommendation
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W3C Director's Decision on Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) 1.0 Proposed Recommendation Formal Objections
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A new freenet project? I don't know anything about it, just discovered the repo.

## [0.5.4] - 2022-04-04 ### Added - RDF hashmarks store - Qt SparQL models API: add async support - Add MIME type recognition for turtle (ttl), YAML - Add UI to browse pronto graphs from a browser tab ### Changed - Improve the Curve25519 pubsub API - SmartQL P2P service - Implement a peer-dependent authentication middleware for the http service - Pronto - galacteek.ld.pronto: pubsub service is now encrypted with curve25519 - Use time-rotating peer-dependent credentials for the smartql p2p service - Mediaplayer: - Deprecate old MFS+JSON playlists storage - Store playlists as RDF (schema is: ips://galacteek.ld/MultimediaPlaylist) - Playlists by default are stored in a private RDF store - Playlists can be published to a public RDF store - Public playlists are synchronized between peers via a SparQL script - Content providers peering: separate Pinata nodes config by region - Update *Pillow* to v9.0.1 - IPS contexts loader: add TTLCache for small schemas ### Fixed - AppImage: fix xkb issue when running in Wayland (set XKB_CONFIG_ROOT)

Are you tired of explaining over and over again why crypto-ponzi-currency is bad, hypercapitalist ecocidal scam?
Let this guy explain it for you: All is there, based on sound economic theory and anchored in facts....

After FENEAS has been shut down Sean Tilley is trying to revive the WeDistribute website.
cross-posted from: > WeDistribute is a guerrilla publication to broadcast news to the Fediverse and other parts of the Free Network.

I Don't Want Your Podcasts, Spotify!
cross-posted from: > As an internet community we need to reject this attempt to lock down the open ecosystem that is podcasting, or else risk loosing one of the last popular decentralized methods of accessing content. So cancel your Spotify, dust off your DRM free albums and RSS feeds and enjoy some freedom!

Anyone know if Aether P2P is still active?
I only see posts dating up to Sep '21 and nothing more. I've cleared my profile, reinstalled a new profile, etc, but still Sep '21. I also noticed neither the blog, the community nor their Twitter account shows anything past Sep '21. Now I'm starting to think maybe it's not me.... But how does a P2P network just stop working, if so?

Do you know and use manyverse? Care to invite me?
Hey, I just discovered [manyverse]( It looks interesting but I kind of understand why I had not heard of it even though it seems to have been around for a while now...It looks like it's a little bit complicated to discover and follow people, I know it's a common issue for decentralized tools but with this one it's even harder since it only works with invites (correct me if I'm wrong). Have you heard about it? What do you think of it? Apparently the best way to discover people is to join a room server but again, I need an invite for that. Can one of you guys invite me to a room server please?

web0 manifesto
- web3 = decentralisation + blockchain + NFTs + metaverse - web0 = web3 - blockchain - NFTs - metaverse - web0 = decentralisation

This is an essay I wrote. It explains and demonstrates on a socio-philosophical level how and why decentralization is the solution to the most pressing issues of today’s Information Technology, social media in particular.

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"Decentralization is the future" - made in GIMP, project files in comment

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