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That’s also impossible for most tablets and phones, which are probably holding more sensitive information on them than laptops these days…

And what’s the message when the spokesperson of an organisation is not helping the organisation anymore because he alienates people participating, deterring newcomers and keeping others from participating is reinstated in the org’s board?

Free Software is there and can live on without the FSF. That has been the whole point of this exercise.

And if they welcome back RMS I don’t think things will change for the better. Good riddance to a stale and aged organisation then.

And no, I don’t think a better logo, fancy videos or a social media person will remedy this. That’s just covering up the rust with paint.

The advice to use RSS feed readers to follow accounts if you do not intent to reply to them is a much underused one. It is a great suggestion for following project announcements for example. Of course this is missing a lot of the fediverse shenanigans one might enjoy.

pipi lili (2018)
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