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Flawesome. GNU/Linux is my daily driver OS since 1995. On Fedi since 2008. Working in Racket, Tcl, Python, whatever gets the page up. Solving yesterday’s problems tomorrow. A dad. Freddie Mercury is my spiritual advisor.

Every post of mine is an open invitation to advice or information or critique or disagreement unless I say otherwise. Fire away. If I don’t appreciate your contribution, I’ll let you know.

My soundcloud is and my patreon is .

I don’t represent Software Freedom Conservancy in any way, I just like what they do with the money I give them.

Unless stated otherwise, all posts CC-by-SA 4.0 International, including any media authored by me included in the posts. Any media from elsewhere whatever terms their author specifies.

This is my main account.

This is not my final form.

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