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@tomasz Short-term? probably not. Long term? Yes. Yes, it does!

@altair222 But religion, which is complete opposite of science and scientific method also stem from philosophy. Humanities, which may or may not involve science also stems from philosophy.

This makes philosophy not part of capital S “Science”.

As for @tomasz’s question, no, I don’t think so, not completely. Science is almost all-powerful, that’s true. But only almost. There are blind spots to it, sometimes it’s too strict for its own good, especially around the edges, where there’s either too much (think society) or too little (thinkpersonal, subjective stuff) data, the method starts to fail. So, treacheruos and dark arts-y it may be at times, there will still be room for philosophy and things like humanities.

@ksynwa There’s a problem with “human trafficking” aspect as well.

“Trafficking” problem is as engineered as “prostitution” or “drug” or “abortion” problem is. It’s borne of inablilty of some people to cross borders freely as they want. So they go to backalley traffickers.

Decriminalize human movement, and “traffickers” will lose their base.


@pH3ra *their. Male and n/b sex workers exist.


@nutomic Now, look. Implementing this feature on your side only requires effort on your part. Implementing it on everyone else’s side requires effort on the part of:
- Mastodon
- Pleroma
- Pixelfed
- Smithereen
- Misskey
- Friendica
- Hubzilla
May be even
- Peertube and Funkwhale

And probably others. This is at least 10x more effort. Imagine coordinating this mess.

@nutomic a problem of “umable to start a thread on Lemmy” can’t be solved on Pleroma.

@dessalines you guys have a potential to be much more than just a link aggreagtor.
I maintain that anybody who makes a working, viable groups implementation that covers most of the Fediverse will define the direction of this network for the next five years.
You are the closest so far.

@nutomic Mastodon and Pleroma are able to fetch threads.

Although, yes, announcing them will help them propagate, but then we need to handle posts announced by groups differently.

May be, make a special interface for them even.

Cc @Gargron @lain

@nutomic how much funding do you need so that at least Mastodon/Pleroma/Misskey/etc. are able to create threads by simply mentioning the community’s actor in the post?

@dessalines What’s wrong with publishing a root post a Note? Shouldn’t be too hard.

Or just any type, be it a Page, a Note, a peertube video, or a pixelfed photo?

@dessalines Thanks for the work!

This is one of the most critical steps for the Fediverse. Now you are actually breaking new grounds.

Tell me though - can a Mastodon/Pleroma/etc. user create a post in a Lemmy community?