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If you have a moderation concern there is per community modmail on the right hand-side info bar.

AskLemmy is for community questions not moderation nor lemmy support requests.

This is a bit misguided; standard protocols help with interoperability (ActivityPub, etc) however people would be free to use any view (UX/UI) they prefered and people should be encouraged to experiment and attempt bettere UXs.

For example, Tusky is an ActivityPub client that can open Mastodon, Pleroma, etc. and there are other clients with slightly different UX/UI. I use Fractal (GNOME/Gtk4) for Matrix connections regardless of the backend someone uses.

The Nix package manager works on most distros and even on MacOS so most nixpkgs expresions work out of the box (except modules which are intended to simplify system configuration and are tailored to NixOS)


On the GNU side of thing there is Guix but lacks non-libre software. (Same principles and also great)