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People already made a fork, search Newpipe Sponsorblock

Not immoral, but just… Not supporting monetarily anyone. No ads on videos, skipping promos, no YT Premium. Simply not helping anyone’s pockets

As the reply here said: The absolute statement is completely wrong, since hearing of a product from someone else, even a friend, is advertising. Talking positevely about a movie, tv show can be seen as advertising that show. Seeing an ad that is not targeted is also ok. And finally people need to eat and earn money on the internet, either you sell a product (which needs advertising) or you are the person who does that promo or advert. Not everyone can live off Of Patreon or Donations.

Guys this is an april fools for those who are too stuck in politics to see it.

Ubuntu has turned bothersome as of late so i Wouldn’t really recommend it but i do recommend most derivatives

Piracy is a gray area, stop being offended, you pirate things, whether adblock is or Isn’t piracy it won’t change your life. Just move on and leave things be.

Well, they’re made with Gitea, so you can always setup your own instance or use another instance of gitea

I’d go with setting up or using someone else’s Nextcloud or you use Protonmail. Everything comes at a cost, your only option to be truly private is to not exist.

Not everything Free means you’re the product, do research on the email provider, do research on the company. Relying on “You’re the product” is going to be complicated, also paying for anything doesn’t make you less of a product, just look at games.

Set up your own emails or procure an Open-Source provider

DE is the shell, the difference between them is this:

Development rules, Development philosophies, Language made in, Purpose of creation, and the differing features.

KDE can be highly customizable, to the point you could make it look like Gnome, but it’ll never run nor be Gnome. Gnome is more closed off, any customization is reliant on extensions. LXQT allows you a more windows XP look without customization to the level of KDE, but you have more modularity with certain parts of it. XFCE can have plugins to Thunar, and the desktop of xfdesktop, all panels are custimzable to look more like what you want too, but there’s not that giant variety of Themes, unlike KDE.

On the terms of philosophy: You can’t just yank a project to a direction you want, you will either Fork that (making another DE) or you will make your own DE to make it so you’ll command the direction and philosophy. This is the most complete answer you’re ever going to get without having a multiple page essay

There’s a great reddit app alternative called Stealth, you won’t need to log in and you can see the content you want to see, you may download it from F-Droid

The last thing is true, i block first-party and third-party cookies in Vivaldi

I accept and welcome our AI overlords, because by this point it’s 100% deserved

Apple Store ends up doing the same thing. These app stores are horrible for developers and small projects or start-ups!

Why can’t both be true? Also at least the Linux goal got somewhere (servers and somewhat desktop attention)

Well, if it’s open source, you can fork and remove the trackers, that’s the beauty of FOSS. Also FOSS is not inherently connected to privacy, it’s just that FOSS

@yogthos@lemmy.ml take a blunt, chill. Anarchism is a failure for thinking democracy isn’t easily manipulated through the majority’s identitary purpose. Communism failed by putting a single leader in charge.

Syndicalism, the true worker’s freedom. Green Syndicalism smokes blunt the true Earth’s freedom.

Agree with all points, but sorry not leaving discord for something half-baked as Matrix (That bot genuinely seems good), or Telegram for something featureless as Signal. Privacy is important so long as it also is convenient. Granny isn’t abandoning facebook til everyone she knows has, that’s how things work, unfortunately.