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simplelogin.io allows you to make email aliases, so you make an account and then go to the aliases tab and make an alias and it will be forwarded to your email through the email you create so whatever you sign up for won’t know your real email.

I think in the future I want to be doing something based in the humanities that actually will help people too; not all theory for example sociological research that could help communities with problems.

I was actually thinking that since programming is more practical amd experienced based that it would be better to learn on the side as a hobby, because from what I have experienced a-levels are quite academic therefore I might pick subjecs that are academic at a-level and practical things I will teach myself.

Thank you for the well structured reply :)

Thank you poVoq that is actually a really good point i hadn’t considered i dont want to become disinterested with my interests by doing them at college.

What should I do for a-levels?
I am struggling to decide what subjects I should pick for a-level (ap's in the US), I habe loads of interests including computer programming, cyber-security, philosophy, politics, maths, siciology, psychology, music and film but I cannot pick just a few with the a-levels. I am already half way through one year of a-levels, doing engineering, maths and physics but I want to scrap thay and start again because I hate the subjects I picked. I dont think a-levels are for me but I have to do them, so what can I do about it?