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For my academic work, I tend to use either Mac OS or Windows (not by choice unfortunately). Text editor would be Atom. I’m seeing some musings online that it’s possible to use Obsidian…

Do you use a specific software for zettlekasten? I’ve never heard of this method before, and as someone in the last year of PhD, I should really get a grip…

So long as there is deniability for the company, yes. That’s why all their suppliers claim that there is no slavery practices in the production line, but even in depth audits aren’t sufficient in some cases.

Yeah that’s a good way to think about it.

If the baby isn’t born, it’s the sole discretion of the mother. Ableist or not, the mother reserves that right.

Yeah I’m down to debate a little. I’m obviously getting some flak, but I just don’t understand how they can be for abortion to be allowed any time and then say that if the baby is in bad physical or mental condition, you shouldn’t because you’re doing something awful? It’s a contradictory claim.

I agree that it should be more clear, but I would swipe up to answer. Just makes more sense to me than swiping down.

Respond to those people telling them that you were asking in good faith and the community cannot progress with responses like theirs. It’s destructive, and it’s gatekeeping.

It’s more correct to say that they go along with them, whether enthusiastically or apprehensively, because it’s actually their optimal survival strategy.

Another good note on bourgeois proletariat acceptance of Western propaganda.

As for those anti-imperialists who don’t participate in this festival of xenophobia — and here I include myself — we have our own elitist consolation: we accept the tragedy of masses of gullible sheeple falling for cunning propaganda because having overcome it flatters our own intelligence. The more we condemn society’s stupidity, the smarter we feel in comparison.

This is such an interesting manuscript to read. Enjoying it so far. Thanks for the recommendation.

Security Updates
Hi there. I'm pretty new to linux still, and just wanted to ask: How often do you all install security updates? It seems that I have a couple hundred MB of security updates every day (KDE Neon).

Why is this even a question. Of course not.

If you’re taking this stance then you must also take the stance that a baby with Down Syndrome would not survive on it’s own in a pre-modern, natural selectionist era. Keeping it alive, nurturing and caring for it until you die, and then having them cared for through an institution until they die is extremely unnatural. Why would you bring someone into this life if they’re doomed to suffer? That seems awful to me. I’m sure we’ll just have to agree to disagree, but I can’t see the logic in it.

I think it’s extremely good for that subset of people that need it.

Disgusting response. Shame on you, bud.

In every modern economic system, there is a share of individuals in the labor force who are in between employment. What that share is depends entirely on the institutions of the systems those people are in, and so there isn’t one golden rule figure to spit out.

I don’t think there could possibly be a logical reason to be against gaming on an specific OS other that they are just against gaming personally.

Your post on r/privatelife was about Hwawei trying to push a backdoor into the kernel (you’re right, I haven’t seen any concrete evidence of this), but this post is about KPI farming and cleanup commits. They seem like mutually exclusive scenarios to me.

Fucking never dude. You need to move on.

If you’re going commando, you probably don’t want the linen since that will silhouette your dick quite frequently. I’d recommend a lightweight cotton fabric. Stay away from the heavy stuff like twill and corduroy unless you’re buying them for the winter.

Dang, that’s a really nice UI.

Depends entirely on what they’re made out of. I’ve seen linen chinos, cotton chinos, twill chinos, corduroy chinos, etc.

You’re looking for chinos.

Does anyone have experience with Codeberg? It looks like a pretty good alternative.

It sure can be if you are privileged enough to actually be ignorant of this world’s problems.

am i really that insane?

But… but apple’s climate pledge! /s

Maybe not as much as you think, since condoms prevent a myriad of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

This is a study of 24,000 Android and iOS apps and looks at tracking in particular. The authors conclude that neither platform is better than the other. What I felt was missing from the analysis was just and overall comparison of anti-tracking features in both Android and iOS. I think that’s more important (especially since privacy is not the default in most cases and requires user intervention) and would love to see some information on that if anyone has any.