I have been into open source software and privacy as well security issues on the Internet for more than 15 years.

Running two mastodon instances: https://ioc.exchange and https://sfba.social

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I think any distributed power structure relies heavily on a “good” value system. But yes, if you somehow can ensure good values broadly, it probably works.

Most distros offer full disk encryption during install (some hide the option behind an advanced button). It is pretty hard to encrypt full disk after installation.

All the things that have been said already.

  • that there is a very nice app on iOS (Remmel) for it

Do we trust a centralized app store based on Flatpak more than snapcraft, which is owned by Canonical? What is the difference between these two from a ideological perspective?

What is the nicest Linux Community you know?
I noticed that many Linux communities have a rather tough culture on their forums and community channels. Was wondering which Linux community does a better job on keeping a nice and friendly attitude.

I did not know that there is a Linux Mint community. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

The most secure OS is the OS you understand to properly configure and maintain. If you know how to properly configure and maintain Windows, you can be more secure than a Linux PC that is run without much thought about security.

If the question is which OS comes with the most secure default settings, MacOS surely beats Windows and a security focused and mature Linux distro likely beats them all. However, there are great variances in security based on the distro.

I started to do some security reviews on the most popular Linux distros a couple of days ago - You can read them here: https://decrypt.fail

MX Linux collected 10 out of 18 possible points – A good balance between UX and Security.

I second that! I run two mid-sized mastodon instances and definitely see the appeal of a fedi guild.

This problem seems similar to the discovery problem small Mastodon instances have.

On Mastodon some folks have created bots that follow new users on other instances automatically, which half of the mastodon fediverse found very annoying.

Android Apps on Linux
A container-based approach to boot a full Android system on a regular GNU/Linux system like Ubuntu.

Definitely try Pop!_OS! It has a very usable and fast desktop environment and comes with a well maintained software manager.