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Even when it was up, it randomly failed for me because most likely. Not sure if the current outage is because of or if it has been taken down permanently.

Every passing day my urge to start using a dumbphone gets stronger.

I think it’s probably bug in the db triggers that update the comment count for posts. Right now I see two comments on that post but the count is shown to be three.

Using AGPL would not have prevented the package being reinstated as you said but if that was the license, the number of other packages using left-pad as a dependency would have been significantly lower which would have saved the author some headache at least.

I agree that NPM should not have ideally caved in to whatever Kik™ asked them too. Also agree that NPM had the right to restore the module as dictated by the terms of license the module was distributed under. I haven’t checked but I am 99% sure that is licensed under MIT which is the darling license of the node ecosystem. When you do that you are basically opening yourself to being abused by corporations. But I don’t want to blame the victim here because it is pretty common in webdev to be seduced by sweet whispers of the “open source” “community”.

Whether the function should be a part of the standard library I am not sure. If I had to do something like that I would most likely copy paste the code from a stack overflow answer. Having a whole module for one small function seems ridiculous to me.

The last Nokia phone I had did not even support unlocking the bootloader so I’m skeptical about this

Merged PR count is 882 (checked from the GraphQL API). The closed tab includes PRs that were closed without merging.

You have to click the three dots on a comment posted by the user. You should see the “appoint as admin” option there. That’s where I see it.

There is still a market for these but they are marketed as HiFi devices with a significant markup. I have one called Shanling Q1 which is the cheapest such audio player I could find and I really like it. Would not have been required if phones did not ditch the 3.5mm AUX port but then they would not have been able to sell garbage like airpods and galaxy buds.

I was surprised to see how hackable it is. Flatpak especially comes in clutch if you don’t want to disable SteamOS read only root setting.

Can you share the output of docker logs -n 100 itsdomaincom_lemmy_1? Just want to verify whether it is receiving requests or not.

I am not really sure what is causing this. Sorry about this. It could be because of incompatible versions of lemmybb and lemmy being used. Maybe can help with this because it goes beyond my knowledge of docker. You can check lemmy logs to see if it is receiving request from lemmybb. Apart from it I am not sure what to do.

What do the lemmy_bb logs say?


Try changing this to LEMMYBB_BACKEND= and see if it works.

Are you using docker at all? If yes, can you share the output of docker ps?

Also, can you share your /etc/systemd/system/lemmy_bb.service file?

How are you running the lemmy backend? What port is it running on?

Rocket has launched from

proxy_pass “”;

Make sure these ports are the same. Since your UI is running on 8703 you should use 8703 in the nginx config as well.

comrade makotech is putting in insane amounts of work

This will be impossible to debug without the nginx (or whatever reverse proxy you are using) configuration. Because it looks like lemmybb is running but it is not being served properly.

systemd-boot? Since when has that been a thing?

Under the post, click on three dots then on the pin icon.

don’t see freedom of speech there

Federation for Pixelfed, Mastodon, Pleroma and Peertube solve one main issue which is the lack of freedom of speech.

where did you get this from?

why do you “freeze peach” folks always harp on about “freeze peach” violations that are completely detached from reality?

what is your hypothetical user posting that is getting them banned? where are they posting it? you just sound like you want to disable the ban button.

You mean terminal emulator or apps that are run inside the terminal?

yes. codeberg is a single binary and serves the frontend too. not sure if there are other frontends for it.

From a blog post on their website:

The first objective relates to how we are organized as a project. It is crucial for Forgejo to guarantee that our product will remain Free Software forever, under the guidance of an open and inclusive community. Forgejo will provide a healthy project governance, so that it can truly focus on the needs of all those people that use our software on a daily basis.

To this end we are very proud that Codeberg e.V. has decided to become our project’s custodian. Codeberg e.V. is a non-profit organization with a stellar reputation, that is dedicated to the success of the Free Software movement. They provide software development services to FOSS projects at

Codeberg website will do what it has always done. Will just use forgejo as backend instead of gitea.

Codeberg was using gitea so far. Now gitea has been eated up a for profit company and the gitea trademark belongs to said company. They plan on making money by selling services for an enterprise edition like github does. I think enterprise edition code will be close sourced too in part.

So the community forked gitea and changed its name to forgejo. Forgejo trademark is owned by codeberg which is a non-profit.

they have a release candidate out. my prediction is that codeberg should start using once a real release is made.

i did see that but i have no idea how to make sense of those runes

I don’t know why it’s very bad. Maybe because it is run by a startup incubator?

In Android 12, is there a way to prevent specific apps from running the background?
Title. I tried searching but couldn't find a simple solution.