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It’s the same as any normal video, use the ‘Background’ button

Already looks better than LTV 😂 🥳

I will try it out in detail later.

Btw mentions don’t work on posts

updated the readme with install instructions, let me know if that’s suffice. sorry for the inconvenience🥰

Pretty sure that’s against accessibility guidelines.

You accused us of dismissing sources as western propaganda and now you are doing the same by labeling it as authoritarian propaganda.🙃

I don’t think I can let myself trust viewpoints that align with highly authoritarian entities. I believe that you share the links in good faith, but that is a world view that I prefer to stay away from.

Read that again comrade, I hope you’ll see the fallacy 🤗

On the other hand I am more than willing to discuss socialism, in fact book recommendations would be welcome.

I’m still learning theory, I don’t think I have read enough to give recommendations you can ask for that in communities dedicated for learning.

Oh, OK I misread your argument, you’re right that ‘everything is western propaganda’ is not a good argument. But that’s not the sole basis of our historical analysis it’s just an important part of it. I’ll provide you a learning list on the Uyghur topic to demonstrate this

1st video

2nd video

3rd video

Qiao Collective Article

The Truth behind the Uyghur problem

1st Megathread

2nd megathread

We don’t dismiss every bad thing socialist countries did as western propaganda, it’s understable why you might think that since most of these ‘bad things’ are just western propaganda, there are legitimate criticisms of the CPC, other Socialist countries and their leaders, we acknowledge that, we don’t think those mistakes define them. and most importantly we won’t let those mistakes overshadow the great achievements they made for our movement.

It ends up demanding that I change my perspective of history, which I am not willing to do, because it really is too much to ask for.

You deliberately choose not to re-examine the legitimacy of claims made by your sources, and then accuses us of holding extremist beliefs 🙃.

people here will unequivocally condemn the massacre that happened in Nanking during WW2 by the then japanese imperial army. But when discussing the tianamen square massacre, it was suddenly not that bad?

How is this even comparable?? what do you think happened in Tiananmen Square?

you’ll be able to see the creator, It wasn’t relevant to the features I was working on that’s why I left it out,It will be done by this weekend.

Basically I assumed that since the config contained the instance name (URL? I forget), that would be picked up in the absence of an instance on the command line and it would connect to that automatically.

That’s the intended behavior but there was a bug that prevented default instance from loading if it wasn’t prefixed with ‘https://’. just fixed that👍

For now federation is only between different Lemmy instances

I don’t know if lemmy has a large enough userbase to make it as good as askreddit.