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How good is Wacom’s Linux support?

Is the driver coming from Wacom directly or mostly developed by community?

Can I randomly buy a modern-ish Wacom digital pad, plug it in a popular distro and expect it just works?

I got that a lot on Reedit. Every time I comment I think to myself “why bother?” New posts should be consumed as well.

But perhaps they shouldn’t be called “hot”. It maximises post data usage and therefore be called… " eco"?

We had Ubuntu Touch running on HTC HD2 more than ten years ago. No. I am not impressed. I can dual boot my phone if I want to. Or buy a secondary phone.

“Hi. I would like to hear a UDP joke.”

“OK. I will tell you a UDP joke.”

“Are you ready for the UDP joke?”


“Yes, I am here.”

“Would you like to hear a UDP joke”

“Yes, please.”

“OK. Are you ready for the UDP joke?”

“Yes, I am ready.”

“entered mathematicians bar Infinite the.”

“said beer I bartender will have the The to a of glass mathematician first.”

I think a better question would be, ‘Aren’t you mad that about 90% of Linux desktop still don’t run Wayland?’

first paragraph: six-figure salary for open source developer

me: clicks back button

To be fair, they did state it’s a 18-bar pack.

Or how /r/askreddit banned the usage of OP text box.

If you get thrown out of the vehicle, your body can still knock out some pedestrians. Your blood on the road would be hard to clean up.

And people are dumb. Better enforce something if it’s serious, like masks.

I can understand to an extent. People who’s on their death beds and people who’s about to jump off a building, they’re both suicidal. However, the latter can get professional help and get better, thus we should prevent it. Terminal cancer patients have no hope in recovery, letting go should be a choice.

In developed countries where you can’t stretch your leg without kicking a programmer’s butt and people who have more than 40 hours of free time a week? Sure!

Other parts of the world, good luck finding a programmer who knows development and deployment AND actually have time and energy to do it AND willing to do it for free!

Gutenberg (free public domain e-books)

Lineage OS (foundation of many open source Android system)

Wikipedia (duh)

Doesn’t matter. The article showed you a bunch of examples but never explained how they worked.

Used dwm at work. Games ran just fine. Steam is weird, but I don’t need to run it that much anyway.

How do you mean by “remove it”? Delete the file node?

You can’t delete it before finish reading it. The most you can do is write a program to read one byte, then wipe that byte to zero.

Depends on what games you play. Since you have it, why not give it a spin and find out?