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Intersting project indeed. Might be nice to have a complete list somewhere so you can simply scroll through it, organized by categories.

I’ve opened an issue on LibreTube a Piped YouTube client for Android (in beta) for them to accept XMR, they embrasse the idea and added XMR donations in the minute… litteraly, you might want to add them when you have time to do so.

Also, having a QR on your website is not ideal IMO, what if you or someone else hijack the Monero adress and steal the donations ? I don’t want to check everytime, you should think about a better solution, maybe simply add the URL to their XMR donation link page/anchor ^^

Nice project will keep an eye on it ;)

I feel you :')

I’ve been using it for years without paying anything so it’s just a thank for the dev, but I’m still unhappy to see that happening.

Monero if they accept it, if not BTC I usually ask for Monero first if they list some crypto but not XMR

K9 and FairEmail are the too recommandation for Android. You can also use the official client of a trusted provider such as TutaNota, PortonMail etc

Well if it’s all offline and that the source code does not looks compromise by the Chinese Government (or anybody else) I don’t see why ? It’s a feature in Windows, iOS, Android and probably macOS too in the future, people seems to love it. Biometric authentifcation is problematic but conveniant so the mass want it

Not that I am aware of.

I would say that Apple isn’t as bad as Google. But they are not good either. The best way to be private is to educate yourself so you’ll learn what’s ggod or bad for you. In general everything that is cloud based like iCloud or GoogleDrive has to be avoid. For me a degoogled-phone is good enough (CalyxOS)

Unfortunately Firfox’s Gecko Engine is less secure than chromium, probably because of Google controlling Android. If you really want to use Gecko go with Mull if not go with Bromite