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Lol. This must be why Ohio has so many astronauts.

I’ve supplemented my Google search with Yandex/Baidu and Bing for some time depending on what I’m looking for. Sometimes regardless of phrasing it’ll just pop up say AI-generated ads which grates on my nerves and doesn’t answer my question.

Video games, slept (I lucid dream, so I always look forward to sleeping), day dreamed, drew, read books, wrote. I didn’t really have access to internet since I lived really rural.

Super late response, iirc I was trying to get a lga 775 back up and running with whatever I found lying around, the posts were ancient, of the sort you mutter to yourself ‘usersoandso’ how did you fix it’, and they left without sharing their enlightenment with the rest of the internet.

Same here, especially since I’m sharing Reddit with at least 3 other people and we all have to be wary of getting banned.

Not sure what studies you’re reading, every field handles reproduction step in their a tad paper differently. In my old field (neuro roughly) its assumed the reader has enough familiarity with laboratory work and related concepts/jargon that by looking through the methodology section and the logic put forth in the rest of the paper they could figure out what the OG papers’ authors had in mind and recreate the study. This is also a knowledge gate depending on the field since it may or may not require additional knowledge of stats, research design and so on, and can be an unfortunate thing about science in its current state.

Back when I was in school if something was a little rough you could see something played out in real time for some papers on JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), but now Youtube, bio hackerspaces, and Tiktok are bigger so if you were a bit confused you could look at those for basic stuff.

I hope that helps and wasn’t too rambly.

Having upvotes or some kind of ‘karma/points’ system changes the feel of a board dramatically.

I remember boards back in the late 90s without any sort of points system you’d be known for writing style, posting mass, or having a (lack) of expertise in an area rather than your points. It made a sense of community at the cost of making communities have a barrier to entry that made them a bit harder to grow, since it took time for you to become familiar to regulars and such.

I’m guilty of this one myself, but imo reddit-style usernames.

For a good at least I don’t see as much ‘this’ posting chains and similar. Nothing like clicking into a serious convo in order to troubleshoot something just to find a ‘this’ chain 20 posts long.

Wonder if its related to Earth’s core cooling or something. Then again, Mars has a geologically inactive core and its days are similar to ours, so who knows.

Back in the day the CTH anti slavery thing managed to nab two accounts. Got some accounts nuked for piracy (got like 2 discord accounts hit for that RIP), had a family member that apparently was a reddit user too (didn’t learn this until many months later) and trolled a little too hard somewhere and we both ended up with an IP and ban-evasion ban.

Got banned for being a GDZ poster from some sub that somehow ended up being yet another site-wide ban, started using vpns, browser cookie games, etc around that time.

This is similar to what I do, use a standard lcd tv, then I use it as monitor to make it ‘smart’. Can confirm, works great.

I remember when smart TVs were first advertised, people were afraid something like that please drink can to continue green text would come to life. My mom’s version was having to dance to an ad to keep watching her telenovella and the tv never registering it.

Come up with some set rules that the community is well-informed of, set lines, and what happens when they are crossed is guaranteed. Crack down if you gotta, I do like the temp ban touch grass idea rather than eating permanent bans and having to reroll accounts. I hate to say it but the community isn’t yet at the point it can self-police, makes me think of the meme of Grounds Keeper Willie and Principal Skinner.

People look at HB as a good case, it’s not a utopia, its what Lemmy could be quite easily, but they still have struggle sessions (not like they used to) and waves of wreckers come through like its the ocean so often.

Back during the build up to the Holocaust the Nazis would use the groomer slander on Jews and other groups they sought to genocide.

Rural Michigan (or anywhere in the west) in a single picture, quite unfortunate. Illiteracy and functional illiteracy serve the bourgeois.

I lost by using one of those weight and calorie trackers and youtube exercise videos (I like the dance ones). I don’t like the gym either, I feel so self conscious when exercising, so I love those youtube or even VCR age workout videos that I can do at home with the blinds drawn tight. Whatever exercise you pick make sure its something you like and want to do, its hard to get momentum to begin with.

I’ve lost 50 so far, still have another 50 to go. The first thing that really helped me was dealing with my dysphoria which was the root driver of my overeating. Once I was comfortable in my body, I wanted to improve it.

Scheduling helps a lot, I would slowly ramp up the exercise, start off with x2 30min a week and go from there until you’re at your desired amount, could be less or more times a week. Try to schedule eating too if you can, that way you’re not mindlessly snacking on a bowl of cereal at 1AM.

Another big one is to avoid sugar, that stuff is poison in the amounts we typically eat. The artificial stuff is also bad for you and spikes your blood sugar, so don’t get comfortable replacing regular soda for diet, you eventually want to taper off. Drink more water, it’ll help delay your hunger.

For balanced meals more vegetable, fiber, and/or protein source than anything else on the plate helps as a rough rule, not a perfect one though. For example, beans. Could have a lentil soup like shorba paired with some sort of vegetable side dish for example. Root vegetables make good curries, carrot curry, pumpkin, etc, just use non-fat or non-dairy milk where the recipe calls for milk. Soups are generally low calorie, or can be made so.