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Gitea looks good. What lets them a bit down imho is that they are using Cloudflare.

I’d say it depends what “best” means. There is Codeberg, Gitea, Gitlab and others. Last year or so they started Radicle (http://radicle.xyz) which is decentralized, but I don’t know how far they are.

It would help if we knew what your use case is. What do you do with phone? Do you depend on some special apps for messaging or something? It may also be valuable to know where you’re located? US? Europe? Asia?

Just read the BBC article, see the link I postex above. The US government was directly involved when they started Cloudflare. Cloudflare’s CEO leaves no doubt about that.

There is a BBC article on Cloudflare’s beginnings, saying, ". …when he (Cloudflare’s CEO Matthew Prince, ed.) got an unexpected phone call from the US Department of Homeland Security asking him about the information he had gathered on attacks.

Mr Prince recalls: “They said 'do you have any idea how valuable the data you have is? Is there any way you would sell us that data.” "

(see https://47a824e91bd781c66916f216129b096363daefb2-m.eu-proxy.startpage.com/npd/dcc/xxx/ST/m54xdoDgc5nRTxiNsIgZF4aWuw//////////news/business-37348016)

Cloudflare blocks Tor by default. Technically it is a man in the middle (which is VERY unfriendly to say the least). It decrypts your data. It is a big step towards the centralization of the web.


Will it also be available on f-droid or the like, or maybe as direct apk download?

In addition to all the good recommendations, what’s about Tor browser for both desktop and mobile? Browsers aside, for mobile I’d also suggest using Orbot and maybe also NetGuard from f-droid.

In addition to what dandelion said, Briar is P2P, uses Tor by default. Signal is as a good everyday messenger in your communication with family and friends. For people with extreme threat models like activists and investigative journalists, Briar is much better.