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Probably I could configure dual boot somehow, however I don’t like the idea because I only have a small SSD for OS and hard drive for games and my PC has no more slots available. I wish I had dedicated drives for dual booting.

OS switching :(
Hello Lemmy, Past 30 days I have installed Debian GNU/Linux and Windows 10 probably around 6-8 times. I am stuck not being able to decide what I want... I dislike Windows 10 software management, having to install most things from the product website. I also don't like my system installing bloatware automatically even after uninstalling it manually. Also window management, desktop customization and other elements I am custom to on Linux are lacking on Windows. But with simplewall and some other third party software I can tolerate Windows... The reason I keep switching back and forth to Windows is are the video games. I know there is no real technical limitation for Linux distro with proprietary NVIDIA or AMD open-source driver installed which would prevent it from running modern games. However its quite a hassle getting games to run manually with Wine. Perhaps if I had the money I would be able to buy games from Steam and run them with Proton with minimal effort, but I can not do that at the moment. Also I do not like having to run Steam because I feel like that defeats the point of using free OS... Anyways this post probably have no point to it, just rambling how I cannot make my mind regarding my OS. At the moment I am back on Linux but I have none games installed, i don't know how long will I last with this state...