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There is, at least for the camera as far as I know. Look into Virtual Camera for OBS. Also, OBS doesn’t allow you to change the name of the device, being set at OBS Virtual Camera by default, which you must change on a system level to prevent the meeting host from finding out, being done through regedit for Windows (am not sure abt Linux)

What was the recent drama? Can you get me up to speed with a few sentences or links? Thanks. (You do based work btw, we appreciate it comrade)

Absolutely nothing. The group that claimed to have the complete source code didn’t publish anything, even though NVIDIA didn’t comply with their requests of making the source open source themselves. They are now silencing people asking where the leak is on their Telegram channel apparently. Was most likely a bluff or they actually did lose the data when the ransomware got into their system, even though they claimed they had backups.