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Hey, don’t frighten me so. How can I enjoy lemmy from now? :D

We can add onion addresses for any lemmy instance while it runs with its clearnet address. Onion services won’t impede the other fediverse services in theory.

DON’T CALL “Tor” AS Tor Browser! Tor, a standalone software to provide onion services, is independent of JavaScript or something web technology!!! …I was excited too much, so sorry. ;D
It’s worth for me to enable Javascript on lemmy in order to enjoy its UI though I want to disable Javascript on all sites. Lemmy’s UI – chat sort, compact reply look, preview toggle, and auto adding new comments by different color – is good for me.
Btw I use uMatrix to turn ON/OFF JavaScript with Tor Browser.

“lemmy” is good for me to imagine: it’s a reddit clone written in Rust. But “fediverse” is bad for me. I want lemmy devs to use more concrete phrases, for example: a system sharing posts and IDs between instances with the same CoC.

How about opening onion services of lemmy to get users from Tor network?

setup tor onion service
bind and listen a port by netcat

start tor
connect to the onion service with the port by netcat

It may be the most secure and minimal way if we can ignore DoS or something bad.

How about that a moderator’s bot removes all posts and votes until approval? Then the bot will cancel its removing after the approval. In this case, lemmy requires no change.