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It’s to be expected that the companies behind highly experimental implant technology would get into financial troubles and have to fold on their support for the tech. It’s extremely expensive and the market is way too small.

Those that got the implants should have probably thought about that before getting them and I find it difficult to believe that they didn’t. Perhaps they were just desperate.

It is indicative of a larger problem though. Unsupported IoT devices, phones, tablets, etc are everywhere. That’s forgivable for fairly new tech like IoT, but I fear that in a few years, we’ll have to buy new washing machines and fridges every couple of years because they stop working after support runs out.

It’s also becoming harder and harder to find plain-old-tech like non-smart TVs. I don’t want a device with all kinds of stuff integrated. It takes away my choice. I’d much rather have a dumb TV with a fairly dumb media player so I can replace one or the other when I chose or need to.

Then again, in a few years you’ll probably have to pay monthly fees for usage of your tv, washing machine and microwave anyway, so support might be a moot point.

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Hi, I'd like to hear an UDP joke!
Hi, I'd like to hear an UDP joke!
Hi, I'd like to hear an UDP joke!