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Answering my own questions, it’s literally just a soju instance, works fantastic. I already pay for an account so I’m using it now.

Does it work like a normal soju instance? So you can connect to multiple servers, and connect to it over any client? I have a copy of soju running elsewhere, but it’d be nice to just use one set up by someone smarter.

I installed windows 11, and to be fair it was the beta version, it installed, let me do my thing, updated one day, and then marked everything on my hard drive as admin locked, meaning nothing would run, I couldn’t save files, my system was useless. It would not let me turn it off, it didn’t tell me it was going to do it, or why it did it. I only discovered the issue by chance whilst troubleshooting why nothing worked, a normal user would have just been screwed. Not that I wasn’t I guess, my only recourse was to reinstall and hope it didn’t do it again. My point being that you can’t expect things to always just work when it comes to computers. Any system is going to have issues, and coming in to a whole new experience like he is, is going to make those experiences feel worse. He’s even said as much himself. Personally I find running Linux to be very rewarding, I’ve had weird issues, but the solutions are always available somewhere. Windows is a black box, if things break it’s good luck and nothing else. Case in point I’m pretty sure if he read the warnings it even told him what command he would need to run to fix it if he did ignore the warning and it broke everything. Linux will work just fine for mainstream, if people are willing to learn how to use Linux, the same as they’ve learned how to use windows, or Mac. If you’re not willing to learn at all it’s not going to work.

not many popular distros i guess. there are a fair few out there that still aren’t using it, and seem happy about it. gentoo, void, alpine, guix to name a few off the top of my head, plus a bunch of derivative distros like devuan, artix, PClinuxOS. you can still escape if you want to.

irc itself doesn’t have source code, it’s just a set of instructions on how servers and clients should communicate. There’s stuff like this: ircv3 which defines how ircv3 works. and gives info on how the old school irc stuff worked as well.

my PC is apparently too vancy for guix, every time i try to boot the ISO, it dies just before opening the installer. Gotta wait til the linux-libre kernel catches up to the hardware i guess.

You can install it from the aur, it should automatically run the initramfs stuff for it. Depending on your boot loader it’ll either auto update, or you might have to add the option manually. Then during the not sequence pick the kennel you want to use. If the libre doesn’t work, reboot and pick the original one so you can trouble shoot. Shouldn’t be a big deal.

I’m no legal expert, but it’s something to do with the fact that the original code for this was not open source, and was written by a dev not associated with either project. Some Graphene dev updated it for android 12, under whatever license, which somehow meant they could tell calyx they couldn’t use the code for android 12. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Graphene are rewriting the code under a full OS license, which they said they would have no issue with calyx using that under the rules of that license.

something about calyx kicking graphene out of their AOSP alliance project, which graphene retaliated too by denying calyx the right to use their code. It seems a little bit like a game where both parties brought their ball to play, and then both sides said screw you guys, we’re going home.