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Someone should really revamp email

Email is already nicely federated, but I think it’s time for a change. Services like protonmail offer encryption between users, but you can’t host your own instance. It would be awesome if there was a spec somewhere for a federated email service that defines …

I donate 10% of my income, generally 10-25% of that 10% to one time FOSS donations. It does not sound like much, 2.5%, but it’s a ton, thanks US salary!


  1. How can we make the federated Lemmy more seamless? The in message community mentioning syntax, for instance, could use refinement
  2. How can we support different languages better?
  3. Is it possible to avoid the space for radicles that comes with federated platforms while still maintaining the values that a federation stands for?
  4. Working out minor quirks that lower trust, like the 502 page when logging out, randomly being logged out until you reload, no css occasionally, and the free .ml [[domain]] for the flagship instance

Than, how can we attract users, specifically from different countries?

The first thing that comes to mind before advertising is attracting other communities from Reddit, but why would they come? Voat attracted members because the alt right was unwelcome on reddit, but most communities dont find a huge need to switch, even if they feel things could be better. The one exception is the privacy/Foss community, but it’s a small one and perhaps not the best Target audience, let alone one of many nationalities.

If the above paragraph was somehow an attraction plan despite no internationality, some more issues would need to be ironed out:

  1. can we offer reddit import?
  2. can we make a compelling offer for everyone
  3. can we have an attractive landing page

In line with 3, I think at some point some branding consideration is needed, ie

Lemmy: a world for everyone

With an illustration of stuff being shipped between different planets, one covered in flowers, another in factories and tech, and one more with ???

As an idea.

I am interested in your strategy ideas for growth. While I am rambling, worth noting that a democracy system is my long term dream, although far off in the pipeline


I’ll remove this in a day or two unless it is actually formulated as a question

Whenever I hear web3 I want to jump off a cliff. Seriously. I love decentralization, I am currently developing an indie web platform, but crypto makes me irrationally mad. I have never been so fired up at anything. If the web becomes primarily crypto based, I will quit my job and become a ski instructor. Fuck Ethereum, the drug cryptocurrency. Fuck Smart contracts and fuck all the people who manipulate people into NFT scams. Fuck all the people who fell for NFT scams. I just want it to be over. Now back to sdf. org

Libre micropayments?

I really like this idea of coil.com, supporting creators based on how often you engage with their content, but don’t really like the cryptocurrency and the closed source aspect. Flattr seems better but is still closed source. Is there anything I can use to fund my website? …

Dear god I want to remove this

See the thing is is that apple reviewers know how a web browser works (probably) but the fed? not so sure. To them it’s probably just a twitter clone.

It is so that my client is not banned from appstore, I don’t think apple is going to say

haha we set up a DNS redirection and bypassed your blocking so bann

Meet: the media

alt right twitter clone “mastodon” licensed to trump. One of mastodon’s key features is the ability to spread out over a range of servers in a similar fashion to limewire, helping to avoid takedown

Wait till

this instance is blocked from use in masclient

I find it funny, because on this instance’s home page it says it is a leftist community

I wrote a blog on this. My site is down as I rewrite it but


I already explained why I love syncthing, but one limitation is both devices must be online to sync, so this often happens:

Having a server means the phone can sync to that server, and then when the computer goes online and the phone offline the computer can still sync.

Email forwarding

Ditching immature email with zero compromises

* cool_dude420@gmail.com -> evan@<redacted>.io -> email@example.com
* cool_dude420@gmail.com <- evan@<redacted>.io <- email@example.com

Existing emails delivered to cool_dude420@gmail.com, but new contacts get my best face (evan@<redacted>.io). It forwards emails to cool_dude420@gmail.com without telling the sender, and vice versa

Hosting projects (many low traffic node, rust, and python servers)

Host backends I write independent of my computer, so they are available when ever me or a friend needs them. Nothing high traffic in this section, but involves some MySQL and such. Mostly node, some rust.

Email aliases

Problem: When signing up for services, they have your email now and can do as they wish


netflix -> netflix@alias.<redacted>.io -> cool_dude420@gmail.com

That way, if a service goes rogue

netflix -> netflix@alias.<redacted>.io 🚫 cool_dude420@gmail.com

Photo hosting with Lychee

My photos are a large part of me, and I would like to have public galleries to share with not only my photography teacher, but anyone I give the link to.

The software I use has password protected galleries support, so I can have fully public ones, and a special gallery for class, for my family, and for me.

A wonderful replacement for Google #photos, because it is no longer free


I want to host a small file server that allows me to have public, unlisted, and password protected areas. In most cases, Google drive is appropriate, but occasionally drive..io/coolfile.png would be nice, to make it clear that information is by me. I really hate NextCloud, but it’s the best option.

Website Hosting

Serving static website that has my notes

  • Host your own lemmy instance
  • Host a plex server

Welcome to lemmy! Hope you enjoy

Please remember to follow lemmy’s and this community’s rules while discussing sensitive topics like this, I suppose many theories could offend someone but no holocaust denial etc, thanks

You did not mention any issues, I was wondering what they were

[Mod] What is your vision for asklemmy?

Hey! Back after a large break from lemmy and after returning to the community it seems it is more advice focused: what is the best way to learn programming vs story focused what is a bad mistake when you started programming. …

Khan is massively flawed (We need a comprehensive free alternative!)

Today when talking on discord someone mentioned their approval for Khan Academy, stating that it was what allowed them to pass their class. I have too consulted Khan Academy on a few occasions, and I thought the teaching was well done. I believe education is a human right, and I thought I would see …

What is your favorite open source software?

Save for lemmy, duh…