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Never smoked but I despite the name and consider it a deal breaker

While not privacy focused per say, if you’re ok with a shared host uberspace is the best company I have found! Green, pay what you want, homegrown, German, private

Yes but there is nothing open source here

The issue here is not that the binaries cost money, this is reasonable and has been employed by many softwares like asprite.

Here they are leeching off github’s free file hosting to distribute paid, closed source software

brave is also run by a homopobic alt right ass so…


please note: I do not support coil

It’s a novelty, it can fit on a floppy. That’s my conclusion, it’s possible I’m missing something.

Also add nim to that list!

More so, their mirroring from Gemini, not the other way around

Drew is going to be very mad…

I share your frustration however, and am happy you did this. Maybe he will eventually come around and laugh

I’m not a fediverse developer but as I understand it the activitypub spec identities people and communities by their domain, and does not define a way to mutate.

Translation: you would loose all your peers and your comments.

If lemmy.ml copied the databases to a new domain, then when websites start to peer again there would be duplicate comments, one from the old domain and one from the new domain.

Translation: it would require the cooperation of every instance to be clean

I’m not a fediverse developer again, this could be wrong

You can’t just change a federated domain like you can change from facebook.com to meta.com, it’s nearly impossible

Whaaaat!!! Reddit is always better then any other source, aside from the arch wiki and Wikipedia, both of which are… Guess what… Crowd sourced!

Someone said

Ad blockers are a self defense technology by nature

Add ads in small quantities to your website that respect me and my privacy and I might just whitelist you, but at this point the internet is unusable without AdBlock


People should know about


And make informed choices

Lemmy used .ml in it’s infancy, and it’s impossible to switch domain names now.

I can attest to the cons of .ml domains

  • Corporate networks sometimes block them (like mine)
  • Freenom is really sketchy
  • Email providers block them
  • Harms SEO (google will target less at people in us and more at people in wherever the hell .ml is from)

Freenom attempts to take your domains after you miss a reregistration or if they decide to, without emailing you.

You then need to buy the domain because you have linked to it everywhere

fabulously good at being a barrier to entry into any community that chooses to use it

Yes that’s the point

  1. There is literally nothing better, discord is closed source, matrix is slow and buggy
  2. It gets the job done with no fan fair
  3. It self moderates, only people willing to jump through the hoops to talk constructivly will do so
  4. Retro tech is fun

Do you want to nominate someone for mod?
Hey all, I think it's unfair for me to be the only moderator (plus the admins!). I was trying to find some good candidates and I certainly found many, but I think it's much more fair to open the floor for nominations. Some groundrules so this goes smoothly: - You are allowed to nominate unlimited people, including yourself - You must make each nomination in a separate comment - Please ensure the user in question has not yet been nominated, if they have please upvote the existing nomination and maybe leave a comment in support instead! This is somewhat of a popularity contest, although note I do not promise the most popular candidates will be the ones selected. This post will be updated when mods are appointed with the logic behind appointment. --- [@mekhos@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/mekhos) has been appointed. This is because - Overwhelming support - 7 hour timezone difference (if I did the math correctly) [@tmpod@lemmy.pt](https://lemmy.pt/u/tmpod) - I needed one more, I see tmpod around often

Do you hate raids?!
Hey all, if you notice any comments that clearly don't belong here please hit the report button! In the next few days I will be checking in every few hours to ensure this community is in tip top shape. I have also recruited two new mods.

Someone should really revamp email
Email is already nicely federated, but I think it's time for a change. Services like protonmail claim to offer encryption between users, but you can't host your own instance. It would be awesome if there was a spec somewhere for a federated email service that defines - email encryption between users - markdown - ~~connection with activity pub? (What would this look like)~~ I mean some way to "email the web", ie: add comments via email - compatibility with standard email users (if you send/receive to/from a user who does not have email v2 implemented it just uses normal features) - maybe "smart attachments" for money transfers, calender invites, etc. - somehow better support for email discussion groups (hop in and out, public interface defined) - this spec should be focused heavily on usage for humans instead of automated mailing, I expect html would not be defined. I'm just spit balling here. Does anyone have any ideas? Does something like this exist? Thanks, Evan

Libre micropayments?
I really like this idea of coil.com, supporting creators based on how often you engage with their content, but don't really like the cryptocurrency and the closed source aspect. Flattr seems better but is still closed source. Is there anything I can use to fund my website?

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/81992 > Resonate is a really cool co-op and they could really use some volunteers & users. > > I've been looking for a more ethical music streaming service since I discovered [Spotify and other streaming platforms are terrible for small artists](https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2021/03/18/spotify-artist-earnings-figures/). Only the top 3% of artists make $1000/yr and only the top 1% make more than $5000/yr. You'd have to be in the top 0.2% to actually earn a living of $50,000/yr on Spotify. > > Resonate is the only platform I've found that's doing something radically different. They have a stream to own model in which listeners pay artists directly about 1/4 of one cent for their first stream then the price increases exponentially with each stream until the 9th stream at which point the listener has paid ~$1.50usd. At that point the user can download the song for offline listening and never has to pay to stream that song again. > > Perhaps the coolest part is they are a co-op, 45% of governance weight is reserved for artist shares, 35% for listener shares, and only 20% for staff. > > Resonate is a small project that could use all the help it can get. If anyone knows of any other cool music platforms, I'd love to know about them, too! https://github.com/resonatecoop/stream

[Mod] What is your vision for asklemmy?
Hey! Back after a large break from lemmy and after returning to the community it seems it is more advice focused: `what is the best way to learn programming` vs story focused `what is a bad mistake when you started programming`. My job as a moderator is to serve the community best I can, so instead of changing the rules to recklessly to bar topics further without consent, I want to extend an invitation for *you*, the members of the community, to share what you want to see content wise from this community. **Examples:** > I like it as is! or > New rules ideas > - Only questions about cats are allowed > - Posts about dogs will result in being banned Thank you! Evan

Khan is massively flawed (We need a comprehensive free alternative!)
Today when talking on discord someone mentioned their approval for Khan Academy, stating that it was what allowed them to pass their class. I have too consulted Khan Academy on a few occasions, and I thought the teaching was well done. I believe education is a human right, and I thought I would see what I could do to contribute. I was alarmed to discover the lack of ways to do so. I voiced my thoughts in a brief way in discord, and was quickly attacked by nearly everyone there. People seem to all love khan, holding it as the savior of education, and in some way's, it is. Khan was the first platform I could find to offer **easily** accessible k-12-beyond learning for anyone, for free. It provides a central place with "trusted" content, but ultimately khan academy solves no issues in our education system, while getting all the support of the internet. I write this "rant" to be the first person on the internet to say khan is not so great. ## A dictatorship There is no public information on khan academies power structure, aside from the fact that it has [executives](https://www.khanacademy.org/about/our-board). There is no way to vote in leaders, and no real way to hold them accountable other than abstaining from donation. This leads to near unlimited power. Sal has networth in the millions alone, and due to its dictatorship structure a hostile takeover to broadcast information on a "trusted" site like khan is possible - as we saw in freenode. This power structure ultimately leaves not only the [people](https://youtu.be/q8zKgd1r8uI?t=46) but the teachers powerless, leaving for issues like the [traditional school board](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJBlgIA3K24). ## Closed source I don't give a shit about the website source code, but the curriculum is pretty close to closed source. This means if misinformation is spread on the site, we are unable to easily maintain a "correct" mirror. If the site goes down, so does the learning. For similar issues, offline users in low income countries especially are barred. While khan material is under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US, it's near impossible to effectively copy without using web crawlers. ## Closed doors Finally, Khan contributors are always employees. This means we are relient on [bug reports](https://support.khanacademy.org/hc/en-us/articles/226373748-How-do-I-report-different-kinds-of-bugs-and-issues-#content) to fix issues, and who knows when or if it will be fixed. Additionally, raised issues are viewable only to khan staff removing even more accountability. Want to write more new content for khan for free because you love learning? You can't without giving up your job for a paid position. ## Uncited I struggled to find citations for anything asserted on their site. This is especially needed in the sciences and social studies, where misinformation is rampant. # We can do better I dream of a curriculum where we are free. Free to and easy to clone, redistribute, and to modify. Where there is democratic government, so a hostile takeover is near impossible. Where changes are made in the open so that we hold those that make them more accountable. A curriculum that is modern and interactive, with a smaller focus on lectures. I don't think this exists today, but for a true radicle education platform something must change, to avoid all the issues we face today with the world's education in an online platform. At the very least, the world must rid of the "Khan will change the world" mentality. --- PS: Sorry if my thoughts are slightly raw, wrote this in a hurry PPS: These are flaws in khan, but they apply to many other "free" learning platforms. Hell, khan under it's license is "free", but in reality it's far from it. I am yet to find a alternative that really does what needs to be done, although I am hopeful this community is a step in the right direction This post and all past material written by me that is hosted on lemmy is UNLICENSED. Do as you wish.

What is your favorite open source software?
Save for lemmy, duh.