I’m resetting windows 10 on my Thinkpad T580 for work but would like to create a partition for linux. It’s an older laptop and really chugs through games like Minecraft or RuneScape but I enjoy playing relaxing games while I listen to audiobooks at night. I grew up using windows which is why I’ve mostly used Ubuntu and ZorinOS in the past but I’d like to expand my horizons to something like kubuntu. I value good UI/UX design and something lightweight for my old potato. Any recommendations on Linux distros?

** Thanks for all the input! I tried Fedora first but it felt kind of clunky to me. Then I tried out Mint xfce and it’s right up my alley! I can run a separate Firefox profile right off the task bar that runs outside of my VPN which is perfect for Netflix and other sites that have issues. So far loving how customizable it is. Minecraft runs ok off GDLauncher, and lutris is really cool. I forgot I had a boat load of old GOG games that are perfect for this laptop. I really fucking love Linux 😆

  • @noplexa@pawb.social
    41 year ago

    I think plain, vanilla, mutable Fedora is still a more solid choice for newcomers, it’s just easier to find help with a “regular” distro.

    I’ve been trying uBlue on my daily driver laptop, and so far, the immutability of the system has not really hindered me, but I still think it’s not ready for primetime yet.

    • @Hexadecimald@lemmy.ml
      11 year ago

      Probably true, but I find that new users tend to try to solve problems by installing random RPMs they find online and tainting their systems.

      Pushing an immutable OS puts up a barrier that may be annoying, but forces them to do things in a more reasonable way (or they can overlay those random RPMs, with the advantage that they are easier to track since rpm-ostree status will always show a list of manually overlayed packages)