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Not being libre & opensource as well as not being decentralised and federalized it’s not really an option.

The best discord like experiences that are right now are:

A) https://element.io/ which uses the matrix protocol

B) https://gajim.org/ (Discord like UI not released yet) that uses the XMPP protocol

Genuinely clueless, is XMPP relevant anymore? I consider myself reasonably technical, and when it comes to chat, here’s what comes to mind:

  1. IRC
  2. Slack / Zulip / Mattermost
  3. Discord
  4. Matrix / Element

If I was to use Gajim, who would I talk to? e.g any communities or projects

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The only thing that makes matrix more relevant than XMPP is that matrix has the element client and that matrix has a lot of momentum. But XMPP is a pretty great protocol that just needs better clients, branding and community stuff.

Here is a video displaying the upcoming discord/slack-like UI for Gajim 1.4


But yeah, matrix/element is the most relevant thing right now.

(IRC is completely dead as a viable option for most people I think, only hardcore people use it)

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I see what you’re saying in that if I were to use a ‘pure’ XMPP client or server, I’d have trouble knowing who to talk to. Lemmy itself doesn’t use it, but rather uses Matrix!

But XMPP is still incredibly relevant behind the scenes. It powers an absurd amount of software. An amount of devices equivalent to 2/7ths of the world population use it only in push notifications for Google and Apple services. This is vastly under-counting total use-cases, since XMPP is also implemented in plenty of messaging services (including WhatsApp), in organizations like the US military, and Internet of Thing devices.

But these are invisible. So, as to your experience, it makes sense that XMPP is hidden rather than visible.

You could say Matrix should be similar, given it’s just a protocol and the clients are the things we interact with. But I imagine having a foundation that so far works well to abide by its mission, having a company that advertises Matrix, governments that use it, and people like us who use it and let us know about it —all of that— makes it so that we use and talk about about Matrix and not XMPP?

I didn’t know push-notifications use XMPP. In the light of new (to me) knowledge, I’d like to rephrase my question:

Are XMPP clients (e.g Gajim) relevant today? If I were to use one, what would I use it for?

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Mumble is open source tho?

Edit: nvm this isn’t the Mumble

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