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A letter to everyone
Hi everyone. I know it's been a though time, lockdown, inflation and war. I just want to tell you something as a Hungarian. I feel bad. I feel bad because of our politicians. I feel bad because of everything we did in thr wrong way. I want to tell you, to be kind everytime you can, because it is really important in these times as the world turns slowly into a landfill. It is important to turn out the best of yourself. Be with your loved ones. If you love someone, tell them, until it's not too late. I was late once. That is the worst somebody can go trough. Don't be like me. I can't think about anything but the russians are coming and many people will die. If you see someone you can help, help them. Don't be afraid, just do what you can, so you won't regret anything. Do until you can. Love 'til you can. I just wish everyone a very nice life. This is my last Lemmy post. Bye everyone ❤️

They said, because they got the Google Cloud Push Message stuff and F-Droid devs won’t let them publish there. Once they got the redesigned new application, they promised, it will be on F-Droid.

I heard they will make an option soon to hide it and add people by their names

Signal hashes your phone number so you don’t need to worry about it.

Another day to make disappointment in 'privacy protecting Odysee'

No. Definitely not. Did you even try both out? I did. KDE is confusing and is not like Windows at all. But Cinnamon just works like Windows. Icons, File manager pop-up, almost everything the same! It’s the best for a Windows user.

For Windows users, definitely Linux Mint, because Cinnamon. For MacOS users, Deepin or CutefishOS.

Element started asking users for opting in “anonymous analytics” to better understand their users’ needs
What do you think? The Hated One said Signal was the honeypot, but it looks like Element is the real one. Signal doesn't even have analytics, or barely something that we should be afraid of.

A quote about Linux - @gmate8
Using Linux is more than just using an operating system. It’s something bigger. Using Linux means fighting the evil big companies like Microsoft that operate in our over-commercialized world. Using Linux is like raising your voice for a noble utopia. Using Linux is freedom.

For those of you don't know, there is a Netflix Mini-series about Terravision (called The Billion Dollar Code), the first 3D mapping software developed in 1993 by the German company ART+COM in Berlin as a "networked virtual representation of the earth based on satellite images, aerial shots, altitude data and architectural data". The series talks about how Google stole their project and got famous with the stolen Terravision, named 'Google Earth'.

The lack of account activity is what makes it seem legit imo.

This is depressing and disgusting

Signal is the way to go, Matrix is like Odysee

It was my very first Steam username given by my dad

Thanks for sharing my little ““article”” 😄

Yes, pretty much all of the instances out there. The whole Fediverse is privacy focused.

Some cool stuff for you :)
If you got Linux, you must do this: Type in the terminal: Debian/Ubuntu/Zorin: $ sudo apt install cmatrix $ clear $ cmatrix Arch: $ sudo pacman -S cmatrix $ clear $ cmatrix Manjaro: $ sudo pamac install cmatrix $ clear $ cmatrix Solus: $ sudo eopkg install cmatrix $ clear $ cmatrix Fedora: (not sure) $ sudo dpkg install cmatrix $ clear $ cmatrix

What if they made a package manager for appimages?

The Hated One stated Mobile Coin isn’t privacy friendly, but they state on their website, they are!?
Is then Signal really a good thing and people just shouting false warnings?

Right. .appimages are the future.

Weak app center/repo and weak flathub support. No desktop icons, that we can move, but other than these, it’s good.

And, yes I know, there are extensions, but they are far not the best at cross-compatibility with the system and ux. See: clicked away from desktop into an app and the icon on the desktop doesn’t get unselected.

We need. I need a Gnome-like modern, minimalistic desktop with a KDE Win10-like layout.

Same thing happened here, in Hungary, with ‘Kréta’. The open source app for it is ‘Filc Napló’. Kréta sued Filc Napló because of copyright and accessing to it’s api. So Filc Napló is kind of illegal 😄

But you know they can’t say no to the authorities. If they say to start logging user activity from an account, they have to. Otherwise they would become criminals. And it was really the top of these cases. They decline requests, what they can. But there are situations, when even the swiss laws can’t protect you. If you are really concerned, you should try self-hosting.

Yes. I posted about it a while ago. But the app depends on crypto, so… People did not really like it.

I can kind of agree here. It’s an odd situation. But until, they are trustworthy, I support them.


Poor little cute doggo

Is there a Spotify-like Funkwhale instance?
I'm asking if there is a greatly moderated and curated Spotify-like Funkwhale instance, where only verified creators can upload songs, and with the respect of copyrighted content. > Why do I need one like this? Because Spotify started to make my life harder, and they are not caring about me so much as well, only about my data. They block VPNs and stuff. I appreciate every help.