What are the most privacy respecting smartphones to buy, I am also looking for the one which respects your privacy the most. So far going to privacy communities esp on reddit, I often see Google Pixel + GrapheneOS being recommended.

But the thing is I don’t really trust Google with privacy, as we have seen they are last one to respect privacy. What if Google has some backdoor in the hardware that cannot be changed? And the problem with the more privacy respecting OSes for mobiles like GrapheneOS, CalyxOS etc are that they are only supported for Google pixel phones.

So I am really confused here.

  • Anon
    111 months ago

    Anything with as few data points tied to you is the most ideal. How far are you willing to go for privacy, and what are you using the devices for? If you absolutely need to run an Android ROM on mobile, GOS or even just a carefully setup LineageOS device would be your best bet. If you can live without a cell phone choose to do so.