if there isn’t, does it make sense?

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Well, if there are a few messages every 12 hours, there are at least people active. I would say it’s better than nothing.

But the situation is a bit like the chicken or egg problem: “no one is active, so I won’t be active as well”. It’s not going that’s going to be solved by yet another new chat client or so. Just give it some time and communities will become more active.

And Matrix got bridges to other chat clients, which are pretty nifty if you want to be more active on Matrix. While it somewhat ruins the spirit of decentralisation if you use it with non-decentralised networks, it’s better than nothing ¯_(ツ)_/¯

32 urte

Exactly but try getting someone from Discord, Facebook’s Messenger, TeleGram etc to switch. They won’t because the availability of communities just isn’t there and had been like this for over a literal year.

I HATE Discord to death since I can’t even use it since my account kept on being “comprised” and because I am DeafBlind I can’t even 2FA into it since they REQUIRES an ACTUAL smartphone for the job. But even with that and that I deleted my Facebook it just isn’t a viable option for me at the moment. Forums and places like this still takes the cake.

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