Not my content, but relevant.

      • poVoq
        3 years ago

        I think this is a reference to this, which is a response to the iOS app issue and not the open-letter itself.

        • @porkloin@lemmy.mlOP
          103 years ago

          Thank you! I was hunting through his mastodon posts trying to find it, but that makes sense. It’s nice to see that the response does address the fact that local and federated timelines are being treated as more of a “superuser” feature – but I do wonder what it will mean for the Fediverse overall if the number one “sponsored client” for Mastodon doesn’t expose those concepts at all.

          In UX tests with randomly selected, non-technical people, stumbling upon local or federated timelines has predominantly led to frustration either through language barriers, spam, or not safe for work content. I know that we might disagree about the size of server we have in mind or what constitutes a big server, but I think you’ll agree that even on a small and perfectly moderated server at least 2 of the 3 issues are likely to occur, if not in one timeline then another. And, unless you advocate for an “upload filter” type system, no moderation will be able to prevent exposure to spam and offensive content at least temporarily, at least in an open system which is what we’re focusing on.

          These are all pretty reasonable points, for sure.