• Jedrax
    42 years ago

    I expect far better quality than Reddit here.

    Yes, but we need people like you to provide that content. In short, don’t expect other people to be that change; that change starts with you. Thanks for the resources and level-headed opinion. People in general who use any service provider for “privacy reasons” should only do so to keep the issuing company from scanning their messages and selling data about you. Email itself, regardless of how it’s set up, will fail you if you’re thinking it will keep you hidden.

    • @TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.mlM
      2 years ago

      My privacy community c/privatelife is in the sidebar of c/privacy ;)

      Besides, I have provided massive amounts of content in the form of comments on Lemmy, on this year old account of mine. I am also on Reddit, where my r/privatelife exists.