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There was someone on here recently looking for the lowest cost solution to streaming/playback of videos at 1080p 60. We all recommended RPi 4’s and used Optiplex. This write up would have been ideal for them.

Actually, compared to that statement, I am.

I kind of wish that when I respond to a comment in my inbox, that it doesn’t just disappear after I submit it. I usually want to click the context button after I respond. It’s just a little pet peeve and not really much of an issue, but I digress.

Yes, and that’s the way to do it! But you would lose all credibility in your guide if you started it by referring to the reader as a normie, I reckon.

Wicked cool article actually. Especially readable for those with no background in geodynamics.

Sigh Hate that I always have to say this, but it’s best to start by not marginalizing non-privacy focused people by calling them normies. It’s a gatekeeping attitude and it turns off anyone who was considering privacy.

Edit: Inclusivity is the fastest/most effective way to build a community

Just listing off your associations with other cultures (sounds more like a fetish, but I digress), does not mean you’re not racist. You can like another race’s culure and still think they’re inferior. Your backpedaling comes off a lot like “I can’t be racist cause I have black friends”. Check yourself.

I’ll poke around a little bit. I’m just curious.

Oh that’s good to know!

Not really ironic. If you read the post, the author never says they want to go back to web1, but more so the spirit of it.


Thought this was going to be a collection of default wallpapers for various linux distributions. Kinda disappointing.

Thoughts on total upvotes?
I'm not sure if this has been asked yet, but what are your thoughts on the profile page displaying the total number of post and comment upvotes (separately)? All opinions are welcome. I just want to hear perspectives, I don't particularly advocate for either way.

Can you be more specific about what you want to do? This title is gibberish to be honest.

Oh no I get what you’re saying. Most people have been using windows or mac operating systems since they were in grade school, so it is super natural to know how to do these things, but when I mess around with linux I quite often find myself googling simple things. Linux just does things differently. Just like windows and mac os do things differently as well.

This was actually quite fun to watch because we’ve all had to google how to do basic things here and there in Linux.

Because my goal with the law would be that at the end of primary, they know a single language really well. Spanish is the most common second language in the US.

It also misses calls and texts “:-p”. People predominately want reliability from their phone os…

In the United States, I would require spanish language education alongside english from 1st grade through 12th.

Edit: If you downvoted this, tell us why, you coward.

iPhone apps track you even if you ask them not to
Not really all that surprising, but it's not to see that it's being actively investigated. I also highly recommend Lockdown on iOS.

Sorting comments by community
Don't know if anyone else cares about something like this, but I needed to find a reference I used in a comment a long time ago. I scrolled through several pages before I found it. I wonder if there would be interest in being able to sort comments in your profile page by community. Similar to how you can sort by other metrics now. Any thoughts? It could be a terrible idea for all I know.

KDE Neon brought me back to linux
I've had lots of issues in the past with Ubuntu LTS's having random system crashes, etc., that kept me away from using linux as my daily driver for work and personal use. I saw a recommendation for KDE Neon, and it just works. I don't pretend to know what kind of black magic these devs have used in their basements, but I've used it for a week and haven't experienced a single crash or other oddity (something that would happen almost daily on Ubuntu). Works out of the box, looks okay, and performs wonderfully. That's all I really have to say. Anyone else have recent experience with KDE Neon and want to share?

Browser Sandboxing?
Hi there, I just have a quick (and newbie) privacy related question I'm hoping someone with more knowledge than me can provide a constructive answer on. If I have installed several browsers on my machine, is using them for different purposes a good way to circumvent data gathering on my browsing behavior? For example, I have chrome downloaded where I do all my Google related work in (gmail, YT, and a work application that requires chrome), but that is the only thing I use the chrome browser for. I do all my personal browsing in Firefox with a litany of extensions meant to prevent trackers. Is it reasonable to assume that Chrome cannot track activity in Firefox? EDIT: I just wanted to say thank you to this community. There have been some really nice suggestions and no one has said anything nasty which is nice for a change lol. Cheers.

I came across this while browsing the web in Grand Theft Auto IV. Kind of humorous to be honest.