It seems to be open source:


Mmm. Basically they’re a soundcloud/spotify platform based in a blockchain protocol in terms of monetization, that’s it. Only their client (Another React app) and protocol (ethereum) are open source (Apache License 2.0) the rest is the same: Another privative/centralized music platform with DRM.

At the moment the only real federated/decentralized music platform is Funkwhale. Or Jamendo which is centralized but all its content is under Libre/Free copyright licenses like Creative Commons.

    2 years ago

    on the left = current web2 systems

    on the right = future web3 disruptors

    Nextcloud and dropbox are both web2 insofar as they can only run on someone’s server. IPFS has the potential to provide layer 2 solutions that completely decentralize file storage and empower users (data no longer belongs to whoever owns the server).