"Centralised messenger Signal has just announced that they are making part of their server software closed source. They claim it is to fight spam, but by using closed source they make it impossible for outsiders to verify the truth. This is worrying.

We really, really need a fully open, decentralised alternative to Signal.

There are several alternatives being developed, please support them:

➡️ @matrix

➡️ @delta

➡️ @briar

➡️ @Jami "

  • @AgreeableLandscape@lemmy.ml
    3 years ago

    If your spam filter, security system or things in that vein needs to be kept secret to prevent people from bypassing it, it’s probably pretty badly designed.

    • ᗪᗩᗰᑎ
      -13 years ago

      So what’s the alternative? I’d love to know what the alternative is.

      • @loki@lemmy.ml
        23 years ago

        I don’t know, A spam section in the app that sends all messages from numbers outside of your contacts seems good enough for me. Combine it with no notification, flooding prevention, and auto deletion after a period, you’ll never even notice it.

        it might take up space and data usage but it’s better than being closed source.