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Apple: It is an “ad/invasion of privacy” when it is from other companies, however it is an innovative, first of its kind “discovery tool” when it is from our company.

Apple users: <standing ovation>

Sort of. Chrome and Edge are based on same (chromium) codebase with additional features on top

Never take fanboy’s opinions and this guy makes it pretty obvious. Never even mentioned Firefox.

Safari doesn’t even run on Windows and Linux. If a company controlled every aspect of hardware and software, of course it will run faster. It’s 2022, isn’t technology supposed to be portable? I would take some trade off on speed for superior portability, adblock, privacy and customization over a browser that doesn’t even bother being cross platform.

this is, however, good content for sheeples

I read somewhere that if the article title ends with a question mark, the answer is most a NO and usually is clickbait.


meh, that intro of a celebrity tuning off of internet was as far as I got. They literally have a swarm of assistants doing everything for them. what’s the big deal with that? And celebrities lie, that’s their whole schtick trying to be “unique” without any need for proof.

When i go out I don’t turn on data or wi-fi. it’s just there for calls, location, or a map (an offline one at that). You know things that are vital for everyday travel?

Can you get that level of sophistication without a smartphone? This is just cringe.

Zuckerberg should just stick to stealing other people’s ideas or outright buying their competitors. He’s obviously out of touch with reality. Anyone remember facebook phone, their shitcoin, graph search, facebook email?

doesn’t Arch already have a setup script now? I’ve also seen multiple helper scripts for Arch. Manjaro has had a lot of mishaps in the past, it may not be completely safe .

on the bright side, it got him outside of his house…

I generally try it with snapdrop first but if for some reason it isn’t working, I use one of the firefox send instance.

there’s also file.pizza which I never got working.

I think lots of open source software is created for exposure, to make more connections, get more contributions, probably job offers before burnout sets in. Unless someone is really principled about FOSS and has enough funding, they’ll not go out of the way to make themselves harder to be found.

why 1080p and not higher resolution? LoL isn’t that of a demanding game.

Facebook paid GOP firm to malign TikTok
Anyone else felt like those inflammatory posts against tiktok weren't natural? Turns out it was true.

How hard is it to implement such a feature?

very hard, since it’s not a coding problem but a data problem. Translators need a lot of data to be useful that mostly isn’t available for free. Mozilla is working on it for their browser but i’m not sure how good it is.


oh. didn’t know that. hopefully it’ll be functional soon.

Doesn’t fission offer site isolation for firefox on android? It’s disabled by default but you can turn it on with about:config

Because money? Currently it’s not a small feat to achieve and people/companies want to be compensated and make profit off of it.

Open source hardware projects rely heavily on grants and donations for which most people are hesitant.

Instagram has started applying extremely restrictive limits to requests from IPs that are detected as cloud servers

so host one on your own VM or local network?

Public instance will always be rate limited once they’re found out and used by the masses.

Asking if other lemmy.ml users are facing similar issues? it seems domains registered on freenom (.ml/.tk) are not being resolved with Google DNS. It works fine on other DNS (Cloudflare/Quad9/etc) NSLOOKUP results: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/ac4d1ed3-cbe8-4e5f-b31d-b10d0d118e0d.png)