I am so out of the loop, I don’t have any windows computers anymore which means I don’t get to try Windows 11. The last windows I used was Windows 10 years ago just after upgrading from Windows 7 and I didn’t like it.

  • do you have it already?
  • what are your thoughts?
  • did MS do well?
  • is it fast, does it feel lean or bulky

Maybe I should try it out just to get a feeling for it, I think without knowing what most people will use I can’t talk about alternatives with them.

  • @VonMax@lemmy.ml
    43 years ago

    Basically Windows 11 try to unify their setting panels further along, but they are still reliant on control panel and there are some update-ability issue at least 4 times in a row when I tried it, it results in BSOD. The biggest concern I have for Windows 11 was the fact that they’re pushing really hard for advertisement/bloats on the platform with Windows Store and Bing and Internet Edge. I really dislike the start menu placement in the middle of the screen and the lack of customization in general.

    Because of those things, I have essentially written off Windows 11, because I’ve long since been using Linux for everyday things even for gaming, so it doesn’t affect me as much. They didn’t offer much on the table for the problems/griefs they cause with Windows 11.

    Gaming-wise, it’s a little slower especially if you’re running Vulkan on Windows 11, I think it’s because of scheduling problem on 3990x CPU whereas it’s less of an issue on Linux.

    • @Zerush@lemmy.ml
      3 years ago

      Try if GodMode works in W11, with this you have ALL possible settings in Windows in one List. It’s a own hidden feature in all Windows, but easy to activate.

      Simply create a new folder and rename it:

      GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} (Copy paste this as is)

      that is, the folder change its aspect and when you open it, you have a list, ordered by themes of all settings, even the most hidden ones.