Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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Well, the VLC also have nice skins. Currently on my Desktop with this one

True, so far it is just a doll, but it shows that the T1000 robot can be feasible in the future with this self-assembly system.

I’ve good experience with, which I use also with ShareX. Good privacy (delete EXIF data, good encryption) and stable, max 20 Mb/image, all share links.

The noises that are heard when I get up do not necessarily come from the chair 😟

I’m from THIS generation

The theft of suitcases is a problem since suitcases exist

It is not true at all, it was the result of a discussion with Einstein about the Copenhagen interpretation, not of the superposition itself.

The fediverse is the best way to undermine the control of the web by big data brothers, its not so important if you use Mastodon, Diaspora, Friendica, Lemmy or any other decentralized network, cuestion of personal taste, need or preferences.

Fediverse controled by Cloudflare? ehmmm From GitHub, controlled by MS?


The problem nowadays is that this is sadly better known in capitalism

But only in a 2 dimensional area, in 3D only in part.

I think so, they sell user data to Alphabet (Google) and Amazon.

But I have some skepticism, already in the past I had bad experiences with ADrive, which also offered 1TB for free, but after 2 years I had to download my stored data, because they suddenly removed the free plan.

Voice Models, in combination with machine learning technology, already allow for anyone to clone a voice to generate music and media, and the opportunities and complications inherent to these techniques will only intensify! [About](

I think that it is irrelevant who creates an instance in a decentralized social network, anyone is free to do so, since it does not affect the other instances, except to give more stability to the federation as a whole.

Only the one who walks with a soft step, calculating his step with his mind, during life, he will take everything from fate, putting her on her knees!

Just another orbit around the sun in an insignificant solar system, located in one of the arms of a galaxy among billions of other galaxies.


Well, as I said, the app works fine and you can selfhost it as is. It’s certainly a mess that they abandoned this great app.

The chat (in Matrix) has recent contributions (in French, use a translator). It seems to be developing an improved version, Fractale 6. Apparently they keep System-D in the current state, since it has many users, so it continues to work online.!


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