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Then it’s on them, they don’t want or can’t use Linux and it’s open source software and that they should keep using Windows. They could just keep Linux in a virtual machine, that’s perfectly valid.

Yeah, though realistically, if rootkit is sophisticated enough which we can’t be sure until we de-compile it and analyze it, it could potentially replace the firmware on the devices and make itself resilient to install wipes. Generally, people shouldn’t be running script off of Github blindly and actually check the code themselves before running it, if they don’t understand something, ask on forums, linux chat or read documentations.

At the end of the day, Linux is not going to be “normal-user” friendly without some guided help and one of those is documentation/user guide that can alleviate the process. UI/UX is partially the problem that is exceedingly difficult to solve and is the big reason why it’s easier to use on Windows than it is on Linux. QT/GTK are the mainstay on Linux, the problem is, both of them have significant technical and legal barriers that are not feasible or appealing to third party developers to use and that is why we’ve been seeing a lot of Electron applications across the board.

At the end of the day, if they needed Microsoft products, they need to be using Windows operating system which is the “supported” Operating Systems. Microsoft doesn’t support Linux in good faith despise the marketing “Microsoft Heart Linux.” Linux is not a Windows replacement and it shouldn’t be and people should adjust their expectations accordingly, it’s perfectly valid to dual boot or use virtual machines.

Addressing Each Points from Linus Tech Tips
Here a few from them on latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E8IGy6I9Wo Let's address each point: - "I try to apt-get install obs-studio on Manjaro" *Sound of everyone facepalming in Linux Community* If you're going to pick Manjaro, at least learn what your Linux distro is about. There's literally user guide that covers this here: [User Guide](https://manjaro.org/support/userguide/) If you're going to be jumping into Linux, get comfortable reading documentations/guides, it's your friend. To install Obs studio on Manjaro, just run `pamac install obs-studio` and package can be found here: [obs-studio](https://discover.manjaro.org/application/obs-studio) - "We couldn't get Obs-studio to work at all, but when I try it again on different project, it worked..." - "Hey you don't have to reboot Linux to get things working..." That tells me that you've installed the drivers and haven't rebooted the computer right after installing the driver, Linux is great at updating, but close source drivers like Nvidia does warrant a reboot after updating, because you have to reload the kernel module and restart X11/Wayland. While you're used to Windows forcing you to reboot the computer at it's every whim, Linux doesn't do that and we want to keep it that way. - "Discord Screensharing doesn't work on Linux" X11 vs Wayland MATTERS! A lot of screen recording capability are either limited or unsupported in Wayland while majority of features are likely supported in X11. This can be a problem for Chromium based browser where it had some of it's capability required specific experimental flags to be enabled and that applies to majority of electron based applications which by the way, you can't enable such experimental flags as easily which therefore hamstringing anything you can do to fix it. So if you want to use Discord Screensharing without issue, use **Firefox** and have it open up Discordapp website, chances are, it'll work out of the box. (Just tested it myself.) - "Let's just download a script off from github randomly and hope they work" For the love of god, **DON'T** do this blindly and at least check the script so you can be sure that you're not inadvertently installing a rootkit. If you're going to nuke your Linux installation, at least make a bloody backup first. On Linux, you can set up your installation to use LVM which also have a feature of LVM snapshot so you can restore your installation to working state. If that not an option, there's always [Borg Backup](https://www.borgbackup.org/). - "Double clicking Sh file should automatically prompt a terminal to run it..." Most of the time when you save an sh file from a text editor, it would only have read and write permission flagged, but not executable, this is a part of Linux discretionary access control policy, that is literally it's security feature, don't be surprised that Linux isn't trying to mirror that of Windows. You can set it to be executable by right clicking on it into property menu and checking on making this script executable and then right click the script again and run it in terminal. - "Microsoft Team doesn't work well on Linux" *Plays the world smallest violin* Microsoft sabotaged it's own program on Linux, so why are you surprised? [Don't believe me?](https://www.thomasvanderberg.nl/blog/microsoft-removed-crucial-teams-feature-linux/) My advice? Switch to [Element Chat](https://element.io/) or literally anything else than Team/Skype, ffs. To summarize, I have no respect for Linus after his video since it shows that they have no understanding of anything and yet they claim to be a tech journalist.

Kind of curious if this could lead to a fork of Rust to leave behind core team? A bit far fetch, but that usually the recourse people are left with if they cannot work with core team.

Yeah, Reddit enjoy bashing things in dishonest and bad faith. They censor anyone who have opposing/balanced views on things.

It seems a little silly to see Arch on the list, Arch contributed quite a lot to overall Linux community more than people realized, one of those is Arch Wiki, so deleting Arch would also means deleting Arch Wiki if Arch was “never created.” Also Arch Linux help improve stability of software by having Arch Users test/report/bug fix the software upstream long before that software land on mainstream distros. One of the thing I remember was when one day, Plasma Desktop broke the setting menu, I reported it upstream and it was fixed within 8 hours and Arch would update the package within 2 hours after that, that is pretty robust as far as bug fixing and software testing goes.

Naturally I use Arch, mostly because it doesn’t try to hide header files and actually bundle it together with the package you are installing, when I used Ubuntu, it wasn’t uncommon that the packager forgot to create *-dev version of such package.

Correct, and if you use GTK/QT on Linux, they tend to work across all of Linux Distros so long that you’re not running on a GLibC from like a decade ago. Musl C library stands a really good chance for making your binary works across just about every version of Linux distro although it have some restrictions.

People have to understand this one thing, Linux is essentially an embodiment of open source, there are multiple projects that do things differently and have different point of view on how things are done. There’s never going to be the ONE unifying implementation from the start and it shouldn’t, people fork off or compete against existing implementation all the time on Linux. GTK vs QT, Wayland vs X11, Gnome vs KDE, and etc.

If people want all in one package and lose the ability to fix anything or get any problem addressed, just pick Mac OSX or Windows and cry me a river when they break something without any avenue to fix it like this or this, because those people are solely at the mercy or whim of mega-corporations that have inherent psychopathic nature.

Rather my work is close source until I feels it’s ready for release to public under LGPL, it’s more or less a WIP mainly with documentations, bindings for other programming languages, and adding more GUI control elements. It’s not going to always stay close source, it’s going to end up being dual licensed work.

Basically Windows 11 try to unify their setting panels further along, but they are still reliant on control panel and there are some update-ability issue at least 4 times in a row when I tried it, it results in BSOD. The biggest concern I have for Windows 11 was the fact that they’re pushing really hard for advertisement/bloats on the platform with Windows Store and Bing and Internet Edge. I really dislike the start menu placement in the middle of the screen and the lack of customization in general.

Because of those things, I have essentially written off Windows 11, because I’ve long since been using Linux for everyday things even for gaming, so it doesn’t affect me as much. They didn’t offer much on the table for the problems/griefs they cause with Windows 11.

Gaming-wise, it’s a little slower especially if you’re running Vulkan on Windows 11, I think it’s because of scheduling problem on 3990x CPU whereas it’s less of an issue on Linux.

It works well on Linux, just that you probably want to invest on getting Rider IDE from Jetbrains. I had to drop C# when it come to developing something for Linux and I opt to use C Language for that, not Rust nor DLang, since I also have to be mindful about FFI.

Well I don’t use Email for any business/confidential discussion, I use Matrix/Element chat for that. Email is mostly relegated to notifications on successful login, Terms of Service change, and so forth, that’s really it.

Only idiots use email for confidential communication, it’s not end to end encrypted unless you go out of your way to use PGP, have your recipient give you the key and encrypt the email yourself.

Plus email have a pretty tiny file size upload limit compared to Matrix/Element chat which support up to 100 MB out of the box.

There are several ways to fix the search process and some of them require law change…

  1. Make Fake Job Posting/Multi-Level Marketing Scheme Illegal, make that a misdemeanor on first strike and at least 10 years felony afterward since they demonstrated that they aren’t willing to change after the first strike. That the offender also need to compensate the interviewee’s time and resources. End of discussion.

  2. Interviewee being paid for their time and transportation cost, those aren’t free and it can help in a way that it discourage company from using employee turn over as leverage when we can flip it around against the employer.

  3. Making resources more available for allowing people to have an easier time networking for jobs/contracts could go a long way. Apprenticeship, government paid conference for presentation and meeting, and so forth.

I agree with MarcellusDrum on the point of jobs itself being the problem in general in the USA.

As for #1 and #2, I had gone to 8 different job places that are fake, most of them are from insurance companies sometime around 2014 to 2016, I have since quit looking for jobs and switch to running my company afterward. Stuff like that are vile and cruel, I wasn’t particularly well off and it took a lot of my time and resources just to get to those places to have an interview only to find out that they are fake or lying about the position.