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#Gitea is joining the fediverse 🎉 We can now announce we've been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to. Thank you to and so many others for getting us to this point. We are very much looking forward to many wonderful things that federation within forges can support.

#Gitea is joining the fediverse 🎉 We can now announce we’ve been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to.

urte bat

Yeah, there’s pros and cons to both approaches. Gitea team is very active and responsive, and I personally like a community approach to a BDFL project. I had some self-hosted Gitea’s, but nowadays I use Codeberg mostly. They are a Gitea instance and actively contributing to the project (one Codeberg member is a core team participant in Gitea). They have added cool features such as Codeberg Pages and soon Codeberg CI (based on Woodpecker CI integration, the FOSS fork of

I guess that with Gitea and Forgefriends adding federation support, and this being implemented in Golang, it will be easy for Gogs to adopt that too, and then the choice of code forge wouldn’t matter all that much anymore. Choice would be fully up to personal preference.

Sagar Acharya
1urte bat

Moving off GitHub is cool. They should do that definitely! I take immense interest in computer security and would trade such extra features easily for minimalism! People could easily learn using just those features! But yes, I get your point.

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