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I struggle to find balance between wanting privacy in my day-to-day, and wanting to use the newest and greatest services and products.


This post is meant to drum up some discussion that I feel is often lost on privacy focused communities. It’s about the nexus between privacy and modern technology. I hope I don’t sound like an idiot, I still consider myself a novice at technological privacy.

I’m a fairly privacy concerned individual, not for any particular reason other than that I feel it’s my right, my data, and I should have the say over who gets to see/use it. Especially when I’m paying for a service. I find that at times, I am more privacy oriented than others. I have a Google Pixel 4 that I’ve used Lineage OS on for a while. I’ve bought an old thinkpad and have a a linux distro running on that as well. I also have, an iPhone, a Macbook, and a desktop PC used primarily for work/gaming that is running Windows 10. EDIT: I also want to recognize my privilege to be able to choose between all these devices. Not everyone can switch around so freely.

Every few weeks I tend to flip coins on the matter. Some weeks I really just want the ease of everything working, quick google searches, iMessage, polished operating systems, etc. Other weeks I want to be a total privacy nut and clamp down on all of my traffic, pop my SIM into my Lineage Pixel, and do my work on my laptop for a while.


I want to know if anyone else goes through these types of moodswings like I do? I also want to hear your stories on how you went all the way and never looked back, or tried to and ended up somewhere in the middle. All of this back and forth for me has made me a much more privacy minded person, and the non-privacy focused products I used are about as clamped down as possible - but that’s not saying much.

  • JesseOP
    12 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your story! A bit of an update, I’ve actually sold my macbook on ebay last night, and purchased an older Gen 1 thinkpad extreme. I’m gonna slap an ubuntu lts or kde neon (not sure yet, I really like both equally and kde neon is just ubuntu with a kde). I have also switched all of my work tasks to foss this week. I’ve been doing all my writing in libreoffice writer, etc. My plan to to make my windows desktop and my linux laptop interchangeable. My only hurdle is that I do most of my work straight off of OneDrive. Need something similar for linux, and I used to use a open source written cli for onedrive that worked really well - as long as you didn’t forget to sync through the cli before you left your house haha. Any tips? It’s a minor inconvenience really. Alternative would honestly just be to use a portable ssd. That way I actually own my data.

      02 years ago

      Good luck with your experiment!

      Admittedly, I rarely need OneDrive, so I’ve usually just accessed it with my browser when I’ve had to. Physical memory has gotten pretty cheap these days though, so as long as it’s encrypted with a sufficiently strong passphrase, the SSD might not be a bad idea!

      If appropriate, there are also a few options like Nextcloud, but I’m under the impression that the E2EE feature on it is a bit experimental at the moment, so I wouldn’t use it for anything critical right now.

      As for trying to make OneDrive itself work better, all I could find was this thread where it was mentioned that the CLI client should come with an automatic syncing feature (the --monitor flag). Have you tried that yet? Fortunately, it seems that Microsoft has been porting a few of their services like Teams to Linux lately (thank god, because I actually need to use that one regularly for work), so maybe one day an official app will be available for OneDrive as well.