Was having a conversation with a mod who was upset that I downvoted their opinion. Apparently if you disagree, you are banned. Looking at you @CHEFKOCH@lemmy.ml. I wouldn’t consider anything I did trolling or a violation of the rules of c/scandalzilla.

Here is the post if anyone wants to validate: https://lemmy.ml/post/163594

  • Dessalines
    92 years ago

    We’re discussing it in the admin chat whether to do anything about them. They have mostly been doing it on their own communities, but to me having lemmy be a pleasant experience is more important than mod’s “freedom to do what they want with their communities”.

    • @Nyaa@lemmy.ml
      82 years ago

      Respect for discussing it, regardless of the outcome. Even if you end up going with allowing the mods to have free reign, I’m glad that it’s going to be discussed instead of turning a blind eye like Reddit does.

    • JesseOP
      52 years ago

      I’m glad to hear that its being discussed, but I’m not sure what the best course of action would be in this scenario. It seems that each has their drawbacks, including doing nothing.

      2 years ago
      • I reviewed the OP user as well as his content, or in this case his question and my decision on this is okay and justified. People dislike it for no reason, just report it with - troll - without anything and I reviewed it again. No evidence for or against provided, just random people who clown up, because they dislike I post historical events from Mozilla.
      • I do not ban users based on user names or what others people want me to do here, that actually would be abuse.
      • There was no power abuse, it was response to aggressive trolling smear and discredit someone which was misconducted by the Jessie. I took action to protect the topic as per community rules.

      Here are the bogus reports - what a surprise that same people clown-up here as payback revenge - because I do not approved their nonsense reports. Most of those reports before they already showed up in the thread, so their disagreed that I did not remove this and aggressively tried to turn this around, THIS is what happened.

      People got banned for much less without any drama afterwards.

      This entire thread is to smear me, and the community I created. I am also not a Lemmy Mod, I moderate some communities here, so even the title is already misleading and clickbait. It is also already against Lemmy ToS, because he cannot handle he got banned and that is bottom line here. So he creates a which hunt. I like to remind everyone that such topics directly violate Tos and code of conduct, yet I do not even report this here.

      The smart decision is to block users or communities if you disagree entirely because there is nothing to get from. Now people trying to support him because they might also got banned by me for trolling or have other problems with my content.

      So this is typical case of payback action. Nothing to see here. I explained everything very well.

      Last statement from me on this.

      There was no abuse, not to any time. He got banned for various reason check the mod log.