Was having a conversation with a mod who was upset that I downvoted their opinion. Apparently if you disagree, you are banned. Looking at you @CHEFKOCH@lemmy.ml. I wouldn’t consider anything I did trolling or a violation of the rules of c/scandalzilla.

Here is the post if anyone wants to validate: https://lemmy.ml/post/163594

  • Krusty
    42 years ago

    This is all toxic behaviour, can’t you see it? You should just calm down and try not to be aggressive. I never said you were aggressive with me, I just expressed an opinion. If you don’t like it you have to accept it and answer, not using powers like you did some times. Anyways, why instead of spreading hate against Firefox don’t you try spreading info on alternatives? Hate is something that blinds our minds and creates a suffocating experience in Lemmy