I knew that it existed for a while and after taking a look at it it seams quite cool. But I want to hear about what do you thing about it.

  • @Nyaa@lemmy.ml
    2 years ago

    Ah, I don’t know much about their email but I know some basics.

    If you don’t use your account it gets removed of course, you only get 1gb of space which is about equal to Protonmail Free. Neither of them includes IP address in headers.

    It looks like in a direct comparison from what I can see not being a user, you get a bit more with Riseup than Protonmail’s free plan. But only by a little bit. You get free email filters and aren’t limited on them afaik. It’s also entirely nonprofit compared to Protonmail which is for profit if that matters to you. Sorry that I can’t give more info, I’ve never met someone who has a Riseup account or at least one that’s told me about it.

    I’m not sure if they allow you to keep an account if you don’t use it for social change purposes.

    Riseup provides online communication tools for people and groups working on liberatory social change. We are a project to create democratic alternatives and practice self-determination by controlling our own secure means of communications.

    • Sr EstegosaurioOP
      32 years ago

      Dw I appreciate it. Yeah they offer a lot, the only problem is the invitation code. You need to get one in order to use it so… Yeah, as @Yujiri@lemmy.ml just said Disroot is a nice alternative. I will do a little bit more of research bc it seams really suitable for changing my email.