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Matrix is a federated IM platform. But it does not use ActivityPub, they use their own protocol.

I have mixed feelings regarding matrix.

Oh god no.

The fediverse is not suited for E2EE IM.

If you require secrecy, anonimity or privacy, use something dessigned for it.

You’re describing the fediverse.

It’s another client, not another network. And they have a FOSS version that’s even aviable on F-Droid.

Signal alternative to SMS? What has Signal to do with SimpleX?

Not a single country is free from commiting atrocitties an some point in history. I’m not justifiying it tho. After all, we’re all human beings, nationalities do not matter. We should help (or at the very least respect) each other.

Molly is just a security focused fully FOSS 3rd party client.

Signal wasn’t using the SMS protocol. They were using the Signal protocol. They’re droping support for using the app as an SMS client. I think than nobody should be using SMSs nowdays so that’s good.

It being undeclared is, indeed, a BIG problem. And I wasn’t aware of it not being consumed in the UK. Here it’s pretty normal. It’s also considered a healthy meat. Tastes pretty well.

Thanks for the info. :D

What happend with horse meat and lasagna? Both taste good, I want to hear the lore.

Is it impossible to delete your account?? Well that’s quite bad.

What a surprise. How can someone be so stupid? HOW? I can’t belive humanity sometimes.

I’ve read it (in my local library) and I liked it.

It’s nice to hear that at least some people is doing fine.

Not too well, I feel the presure building inside of me growing bigger. And I’ve been feeling like an stupid latetly regarding academical matters. Also, who do you guys manage the fact that this world is compleatly fucked up and we have near zero hope to change it?

I don’t want to ruin anyones mood, sorry for that. But sometimes is to much.

Hidden Services and/or eepsites.
Hi peoles of the fediverse, I hope you're having a nice day. I wanted to ask a question: Are there any lemmy instances out there providing a **hidden service** _(.onion)_ or an **eepsite** _(.i2p)_? I wasn't able to find any and, at least for me, it would be a cool thing to have. Thanks for your attention.

A libre alternative to Kahoot?
I don't know if it exists, but in case that it does it will be really cool. Kahoot is used a lot in my country for playing in class.

Thoughts on Riseup?
I knew that it existed for a while and after taking a look at it it seams quite cool. But I want to hear about what do you thing about it.

Which password manager do you use and why?
*(If you use one, obviously)*

Does the DE matters?
Hello every one and thanks for at least reading this. The point is that I will like to tray something like Qtile *(or maybe just some tiling WM)* and I don't know if this can affect and how will to gaming en general.

Wich domain register should I choose and why?
I want to play around a bit with [Gemini](https://gemini.circumlunar.space/) and start building my own blog/tutorial site or whatever comes to my mind idk. So any recommendations? *(if possible not only based on price, privacy/foss are important principles for me, is there's something like that).*

Which are your most useful apps?
And also why? Some recommendations? Some app that you think that is not as famous as it should be? Etc etc

Why is privacy important?
That's maybe a dumb question, but what's the point of caring about privacy? Why should be taking care of my privacy online and in real world? I have my own opinion, but I want to hear what do you think.