Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs.

Source: – Also includes tips for removing this data.

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3urte bat

If you download a paper you should know that it has a unique fingerprint. If your cloud gets hacked, and the paper released with your “signature”, it affects you.
urte bat

Yeah, it should be clearly visible. E-books bought from certain shops come with a notice like “This copy was bought by Tiuku” on the first page (and probably have something like this embedded as well). When it’s done in the open like this, I think it’s a pretty fair way of doing DRM.
2urte bat

Is it ‚really‘ fair, though?

When I buy a physical book, I can borrow it to others or resell it as I please without ever really having to reveal Information about myself. Why must a digital copy of the same book be forever branded with my name/account info?

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