Tech already used to verify university degrees, will soon be compulsory at the border

Singapore has proposed a blockchain-based document verification system developed by its GovTech agency to provide proof of recent negative COVID-19 tests, and hopes it becomes used to offer proof of vaccination status around the world.

Named “HealthCerts”, the system is based on open-source framework known as OpenAttestation that uses blockchain to issue cryptographically trustworthy documents. The technology is already applied by some local universities to issue and authenticate diplomas.

Singapore’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vivian Balakrishnan said last week that the technology is “globally inter-operable” and that Singapore therefore hopes to share it with the world to facilitate more cross-border travel.


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If a program like this is FOSS, and doesn’t collect more information than necessary, I would install it in a heart beat. I wish projects like this got the jump on contact tracing before Google and Apple did.

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Yes, and I’d hope we can see from the code what is collected and used. I’m thinking it is going to be a simple verification match between identity and vaccination. Wondering if it tracks which type of vaccination and when done. Interesting many countries do require other vaccinations for other diseases so this could have a more generalised use.

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