-4urte bat

Yhea their double ratchet algo is a complete joke. I wonder why it’s been implemented in WhatsApp, xmpp, matrix , etc.

Disclaimer: i’m no cryptographer

I think the crypto in Signal looks fine. The double ratchet isn’t bad, although it has some drawbacks (at least the OMEMO variant) about long-absent participants running out of published ephemeral keys.

The problem with Signal is the centralized system (which relies on absolute trust in a server’s “trusted computing” module) and the business governance. I’m very critical of m0xie and friends in their political/economic decisions, but they seem to produce good cryptography…

1urte bat

I was trolling.

I know the direction of the project and their stance against centralisation is debatable but they produce good and reviewed software and libraries.

What you do with it is a personal choice.

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