• @MrGamingHimself@lemmy.ml
    2 years ago

    Was that before or after Microsoft bought them? Does Microsoft have leaks often?

    Microsoft is usually on top of privacy stuff but the companies they buy operate mostly independently from what I hear. I don’t think there’s much correlation.

    The big leak happened last year though, it was a massive fuck up from linkedin. Almost everyone’s data got leaked. https://restoreprivacy.com/linkedin-data-leak-700-million-users/

    There’s Xing.

    First I’ve heard of it. Here’s the thing, there are alternatives but what matters is which is popular. Company presence is the most important thing in these websites, when I attach my LinkedIn profile to a job it increases my chances of being seen by a lot. If I attach something like Xing they’ll probably just ignore me.

    It’s like WhatsApp. Are the great alternatives? For sure. Does it matter? No, because my family and colleagues and normie friends are too resistant of letting it go, so I’m forced to use it. Best I can do is get my inside circle to use something else.