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I would love to shop on Sundays. Just because there’s official business days doesn’t mean 5/7 days need to be the same for every business. In my city, many restaurants close shop on Tuesday and they are open on Saturdays and Sundays.

A friend of mine has a 7 day work week with 3 days off, so he can choose whenever. That’s the best model, IMHO. He has two fixed days (he chose Friday and Saturday) and the other one is “floating”.

However, he still has 35 hours to work, so realistically he usually still works 5 days most of the time.

The Windows application is also based on Electron.

Lutris.net is an alternative to Playnite.

You can install Teams with flatpak. The only things not working are giving or taking control of the computer (so, KVMoIP) and screen sharing with Wayland.

If you can get down, you can always get up. Life always continues until it ends. If it’s not the end, it’s not the end.

Sounds like a boomer’s postcard version of #yolo doesn’t it 😃

Hello. I am Birdperson.

Plants save our planet while humans are animals and destroy it. Therefore, they are superior to animals. Q.e.d.

I agree with sanctions against states and companies but sanctions against Open Source Software if it’s not malicious are very weird.

ah, then we have a pretty similar definition :)

My list:

  • No Man’s Sky – exploring the universe
  • Parkitect, OpenRCT – building a theme park
  • Satisfactory – building a factory, exploiting a planet with Diesel trucks without destroying the real life one

What defines a sandbox for you?-

Basically, every time a video title or an article asks a question, you can just answer ‘no’ without having watched or read it nowadays. It’s usually clickbait.

why can’t they just include an RJ45 port 😓

oops I was meant to post this from my lemmygrad account. Sorry comrade

My point of view of this matter is that it is mainly a lack of skills and bad culture.


I’d rather use the word “harm” than “damage”, since “damage” removes the perpetrator from the equation. However, fewer words are not optimal in that case. I’m glad you clarified all that :)

Then you should also define what sexual abuse means to you. Because someone using their power dynamic to coerce a minor into sex isn’t sexual abuse to some people, while it is to me, for example.

Having sex without physical damage doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to have sex. How would you measure the end of puberty and would you say there’s an age limit where you’d consider someone not being able to give consent? What about a 13yo boy who went through puberty early being seduced and coerced by a 30yo teacher? Would that be okay in your opinion? Why or why not?

So you don’t see an issue with rape and taking advantage of teenagers after puberty, just before?

You should really work on your wording if you didn’t mean that. It’s hard to backpedal when you use language where it’s possible to interpret it that way.

How is it baseless and incorrect? Without puberty, humans would never become able to sexually reproduce safely and also develop into adults.

There’s more kinds of damage than physical damage. Your wording is awful.

What happens when you use Ubuntu with the same Kernel and Mesa versions? Trisquel is based on Ubuntu, but Free, right? Then the same Kernel and Mesa should confirm that:

I don’t think this is a libre kernel issue though as when I do a web search on this error message several people who use various graphics cards and distros have had this in the past.

Don’t suspect, always confirm ;)

Or you could just use the regular size? Screaming on the internet is even more useless than IRL.

Which was it? Original comment has been deleted.

Is this another example of something like the Dunning-Kruger effect? There, people who understand a bit of the subject matter rank their knowledge higher than people who understand more.

Just register for ChatGPT and ask that thing. But be aware ChatGPT is often very sure about stuff like 2+2=5, so take its answers with a grain of salt.

Well, you’d probably have to find some clever way to do it. As Wayland doesn’t use the server architecture X11 does it’s probably pretty hard to plug a local display in a foreign computer with Wayland. Let’s see what the future brings.

I honestly don’t believe that you didn’t have a single issue in years. That would mean you didn’t have any crashes and bugs at all.

Not quite though, there’s still lots of stuff missing, e.g. forwarding via SSH, screenshots of all types of windows, DisplayLink drivers…

See also: https://arewewaylandyet.com/ (but just because something exists for Wayland, doesn’t mean it works well)

Every year is the year of the Linux desktop. I think between around 2010 and 2015 there was a bit of stagnation, but currently my opinion is that the Linux desktop is getting better every iteration. Heck, even Wayland is nearly usable.

Google can easily replicate ChatGPT with enough engineers, computing power and outsourced labor. There’s nothing secret in the inner workings.

That said, maybe we’ll be able to use search engines again without wading through pages of mud when there’s more competition…

Joke’s on you, I’m rather dying in pain, alone in a hospital, so they can harvest my organs. #donateyourself

That’s what a bot would say.

I don’t agree that COVID gives elites more control, if anything it destabilised international relations and made it harder to do stuff even for elites. They also don’t gain much by reducing the population if they’re already successful elites. The other things in my opinion are unrelated to the COVID pandemic.

You can still hold your opinion but I don’t think I’ll gain any deeper understanding by further discussing this. Thank you for answering.

SMART data of Samsung PM1643a SSD connected through MR9560-16i
cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/429668 > When I run `smartctl -Ai -d megaraid,0 /dev/sda` I only get the following output: > > ``` > smartctl 6.5 2016-05-07 r4318 [x86_64-linux-4.19.0+1] (local build) > Copyright (C) 2002-16, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, www.smartmontools.org > > === START OF INFORMATION SECTION === > Vendor: NVMe > Product: SAMSUNG MZQLB7T6 > Revision: 502Q > Compliance: SPC-5 > User Capacity: 7,681,501,126,656 bytes [7.68 TB] > Logical block size: 512 bytes > LU is resource provisioned, LBPRZ=0 > Rotation Rate: Solid State Device > Logical Unit id: REDACTED > Serial number: REDACTED > Device type: disk > Transport protocol: SAS (SPL-3) > Local Time is: Wed Oct 26 REDACTED > SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability. > SMART support is: Enabled > Temperature Warning: Enabled > > === START OF READ SMART DATA SECTION === > Current Drive Temperature: 33 C > Drive Trip Temperature: 86 C > ``` > > I expected to see stuff like Total_Writes_GiB (TBW) or other "Vendor Specific SMART Attributes" I get on other systems, including the SMART log. > > How can I get the complete SMART data here? Is it possible to use `nvme` to show the statistics as it seems to be an NVMe-attached drive? `nvme list` only shows me the disks not connected through the MegaRAID controller…

PSA: if you switched from Pulseaudio to Pipewire (or started to use Pipewire), change the resample quality to reduce audio distortion (e.g. crackling, hissing)
Why do they even include settings by default which introduce crackling and hissing noises? I found that even starting with `resample.quality = 7` I couldn't hear any difference, younger people (like teenagers) might be able to distinguish 8-9. Maybe use 8 as a default value?

OptaPlanner is a lightweight, embeddable planning engine. It enables everyday programmers to solve optimization problems efficiently. Constraints apply on plain domain objects and can call existing code. It is Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Functional Programming (FP) friendly. There’s no need to input constraints as mathematical equations. OptaPlanner supports - Continuous planning to weekly publish the schedule, 3 weeks before execution - Non-disruptive replanning for changes to an already published schedule - Real-time planning to react on real-time disruptions in the plan within milliseconds - Overconstrained planning when there are too few resources to cover all the work - Pinning so the user is still in control over the schedule Under the hood, OptaPlanner combines sophisticated Artificial Intelligence optimization algorithms (such as Tabu Search, Simulated Annealing, Late Acceptance and other metaheuristics) with very efficient score calculation and other state-of-the-art constraint solving techniques for NP-complete or NP-hard problems.

I installed Steam as Flatpak. How to load existing library folder?
I have Steam, Steam (Native) and Steam in my launcher list. The latter seems to be the flatpak version. Even after I enabled the paths under "other files" in Flatseal, I can't access those paths when selecting a Library folder in Steam. ![/usr/local/games shown in Flatseal Files selection](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/da99f303-d01e-4d98-9010-389bd34bc432.png) How do I access my "regular" Steam library in a non-default location with the Flatpak version of Steam?

PSA: LinkedIn just leaked my birthday (and it could leak yours)
Even though I set the visibility of my birthday to "Only you", people were messaged on my birthday that it occurred. ![screenshot of birthday setting](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/e674a522-9851-40f2-900a-899599bf8b94.png) Keep in mind that even though [LinkedIn states that other people are not messaged when you set this to a private setting](https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/a550097?lang=en), they still are. Obviously another capitalist industrial shenanigan from one of our favourite data krakens, Microsoft.

What are your most useful posessions?
What things do you use the most which made your life more bearable? Where did you get it?

Keep in mind companies can still track you through fingerprinting, e.g. your browser window size. This shows you how unique your fingerprint is: https://coveryourtracks.eff.org/ (named Panopticlick before).