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Bergamot - A project for client-side machine translation in web browsers
This project recently released, which allows local translation of languages in your web browser. It works surprisingly well! The only issue is that it doesn't work with all languages.

Have you tried running it through Lutris? I’m pretty sure there’s an install script for it that works well.

It was on life support for a long time, and it doesn’t make sense to have Atom around considering VS Code is almost exactly the same thing but better and faster. If you really loved Atom there are themes that make VSCode look almost exactly the same.

Follow the simple flowchart:

Does it work without Blockchain? If yes, you shouldn’t use Blockchain.

If no, then you still shouldn’t use Blockchain because it sounds like you’re about to create something really stupid that the world doesn’t need.

Based on their github it seems like this project is on maintenance mode, sadly. No real update since 2021.

Mixed, when you chew it mixes together and it’s easy to swallow.

I’m more interested in the wording of this post though, do you eat HOT cereal? ._.

I mean what did you expect, it’s a toxic sub that’s made out of a meme about how PC players are so superior to everyone else

You’re looking for /r/pcgaming

The Verge fails to mention the main driving force for this decision: Photopea. Someone made a perfectly working photoshop clone that’s good enough for 99% of people. It exploded in popularity a while ago, and they announced Photoshop online shortly after. They don’t want to lose relevance.

This post is really overdramatic… How good Reddit is depends on the sub. I frequent /r/linux_gaming for example and it’s a very chill place with good discussion. If you don’t like a sub, don’t use it, but to dismiss and insult everyone who frequents there is dumb…

The upvote-downvote feature is the worst mechanic to plague social media.

Okay, suggest a good alternative to filter out trash in social media. Every alternative without voting ends up being like 4chan, a cesspool where people shout the stupidest most insane (and often offensive) things and you’re forced to trudge your way through it to find any decent content. At least when I open something like /r/television, I expect to see stuff people enjoy and articles of interest.

None of the alternatives in the article are real alternatives too. It just sounds like OP got fed up with social media and decided to do something else in their life, which yeah sure but it sounds like you just need to chill out and be the one to ignore the “drunk loud idiots” and just browse places you like.

Why do you think i should get 6gb? Makes my apps run slower?

Yeah, having low ram makes your phone slower in general. Newer versions of Android use a lot of ram, so if you get 4gb your phone can be choppy and it’ll only get worse over time. Best to get 6gb or preferably 8gb if you want to be using your phone for years to come.

I have been looking for a decent whiteboard app for ages and I've finally found it. Smooth, simple, and very polished. Who knew Godot would be a good tool to make cross platform apps?

Was that before or after Microsoft bought them? Does Microsoft have leaks often?

Microsoft is usually on top of privacy stuff but the companies they buy operate mostly independently from what I hear. I don’t think there’s much correlation.

The big leak happened last year though, it was a massive fuck up from linkedin. Almost everyone’s data got leaked.

There’s Xing.

First I’ve heard of it. Here’s the thing, there are alternatives but what matters is which is popular. Company presence is the most important thing in these websites, when I attach my LinkedIn profile to a job it increases my chances of being seen by a lot. If I attach something like Xing they’ll probably just ignore me.

It’s like WhatsApp. Are the great alternatives? For sure. Does it matter? No, because my family and colleagues and normie friends are too resistant of letting it go, so I’m forced to use it. Best I can do is get my inside circle to use something else.

Another day, another LinkedIn leak. Didn’t they have millions of people’s personal data leaked last year or so?

Kind of a shame there isn’t a real alternative. There are some alternatives but usually it’s so much more preferred for companies that you have a linkedin account when applying for a job.

Depends on how much you care about privacy. There are a lot of not bad chinese phones in the low/medium price range. Realme phones are pretty good for the price. Samsung a52 and a52s are pretty good as well though a bit more expensive. Both of these have great cameras. I would recommend a phone that is at least 6gb of ram though, 4 is way too low these days.

Copyright is theoretically a good idea but what ends up happening the last few decades is that it’s just become about companies that abuse the system to hoard as much intellectual property as possible. It’s absolutely ridiculous that most of the time an author’s work belongs to a company, and a company will run it into the ground even after the author’s dead (see: Spongebob). And they keep extending copyright dates because Disney keeps whining while owning most of the entertainment industry.

Then you have stuff like Alan Moore’s works. The man has gone insane from how much they milk his works and make bad interpretations of it.

So your solution to make people cultured and free-thinking is the censor the opposition


For real. Coming into the fediverse is so confusing as a newcomer. For one of the main features being “all these social medias can interact with eachother”, it sure is confusing to actually use it…

Maybe losing all his scripts can inspire him to write a good show next time lmao

Vinland Saga Season 2 - Official Trailer | English Sub
Finally some good fucking food. Apparently production moved from Wit to Mappa. Seems to be a trend recently, they also gave Attack on Titan to Mappa a few years ago.

Bruv, I skipped through most of that and saw this interesting line at the footer

You also should consider the fact that if humanity itself becomes worthless, then good software no longer has any value. To fight the degeneration of humanity, you might also consider my Arkian project.

Then things got really wild. I don’t wanna derail this thread too much, but that dude literally owns a cult where he wants to do a noah’s ark style system where he only allows intelligent or very religious people in where they would be “safe from genetic decay” and be the perfect family. It’s TempleOS levels of screaming for help. Dude needs to chill out and see a therapist. Wild stuff.

Honestly I feel like it’s a thing that is becoming better as time goes on. A lot of people say the opposite, but it’s the 2010s that things went really south. Electron being the prime offender. A lot of what made bloat maddeningly big is starting to get scaled back.

Electron is very slowly being phased out in favor of Tauri (Electron binary size 127mb compared to Tauri’s 6mb). NodeJS is slowly getting phased out in favor of Deno (Lighter, more secure). There’s been a trend of re-writing things with Rust which makes things faster and tiny. Most bloated apps now usually have an open source alternative that does the same thing better (see for example OBS as opposed to how I had to fight with my system to record my screen before that)

The reason big tech companies like Microsoft and Facebook are so chalk full of bloat is because they’re using old technology, and they’re in too deep that they don’t have the time to re-write a decade of progress in something else. If you use the right tools nowadays though, I feel like you’re likely to get much better results.

Also the trash trend of dynamic languages is also falling out of favor. Took like two decades, but now JS getting replaced with Typescript means the morons writing it will mess up less. Now all we need is a way to make WASM (Web Assembly) viable and we can kiss javascript internet bloat goodbye. I, for one, think it’s looking pretty good.

Side note: someone in the comments of that article compared people writing bad code to 1984. Lol.

Other side note: Dude writing this article is the developer of Gratitious Space Battles. Hey, I used to really love that game.


Overwatch 1 worked beautifully on Linux but they haven’t said anything about Linux support. Chances are if you do get banned you can just ask customer support to unban you, as soon as Twitch beta keys drop tomorrow someone will probably try running it on Linux.

It’s always events like this that make me so happy Fediverse is a thing. 10 years ago, if you said you were leaving something like Reddit or Facebook there were literally zero alternatives. FOSS apps usually has a bad rap for not being as polished as the billion dollar corporation’s product, but I’ve been using Mastodon recently and it’s incredible nice! Feels even friendlier to use than Twitter because it’s not as bloated. Here’s hoping Lemmy, too, will finally get over that stump and become a viable alternative.

However, I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve with this new option. Checking between the various presets available, the new Steam Deck option is exactly the same as the Ultra setting.

Lmao, is there anything that doesn’t break in this game?

And there are about a million books plainly explaining why communism wouldn’t work in a realistic context, but sure, have fun with the “everyone who doubts me is brainwashed” strawman argument mate

Just keep your weird takes outside the meme community…

ZorinOS and PopOS are made specifically for casual users new to Linux and are both pretty good.

Linux Mint is also a great choice but because it’s a very stable distro, its software can be outdated.

Fedora Workstation is also one of the most liked distros. I haven’t personally used it but it looks great.

Honestly all those distros have a lot in common so it really comes down to personal preference.

cross-posted from: > What an incredible effort by these people! I personally can't wait until someone mods in 60fps (which is confirmed to be in the works). This really is a dream come true. > > GitHub here: > > As for where to get the PC build directly, I guess you'll have to 🏴‍☠️

It’ll never replace reddit, but the hope is that it’d have a big enough community that it would be a viable alternative.

Optimizer is good but it’s a bit hard to use and lacks any kind of explanation, I’d recommend Bloatbox to the average user. It removes all the ads and all telemetry you can disable, as well as opt for removing potentially useless apps Windows forces on you. It also runs Windows10Debloater as an extra measure:

In terms of “windows-like” Linux operating systems I’d avoid ones that literally copy Windows, more often than not they don’t have good support and are kind of awkward, check out Zorin OS, it’s really polished and comes pre-installed with Wine and is very user friendly to people coming from Windows.

There isn’t an alternative, Electron actually does its job well for what it is. It’s basically a slimmed down browser that’s customizable and runs on all systems, it’s just that it takes a ton of effort to optimize it, and for some reason most people using it aren’t very experienced.

YouTube Vanced has been discontinued, the website and download links will be taken down in the coming days.
NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is pretty clearly a case of Google threatening to sue, and while it's unfortunate it's pretty inevitable for something like this. Very sad :( I assume GitHub links will also be purged soon, grab everything while you can if you're interested... At the very least the current Vanced app *should* work for a while, YouTube is unlikely to need an update to work.

Electron apps is essentially running web apps wrapped as a desktop version. Most of them run like garbage and are always inferior to one made specifically for desktops. The only one I’ve used that runs sensibly is Discord.

As for why people use it, it’s convenient for developers as most of them are familiar with web development and can essentially copy-paste their web application without having to change much.

Because everyone keeps giving him conflicting info and told him to use the console, it’s pretty much what happens to every new Linux user but everyone is so used to Linux that they think it’s a non-issue. My first reaction was to download Steam flatpak, but that version had issues so I installed it from the console, and you bet most newbies will copy/paste because nobody wants to learn how to use the console…

Alright everyone, lets take bets. How long do you think before they remove that tweet?

Heroic games launcher is wonderful. I use it on Windows not only because it’s open source and all, but because Epic’s official launcher is ASS. It’s an electron app that runs slower than 20 firefox tabs and for some reason takes >1 minute to launch. That thing needs to get nuked if they’re serious about competing against Steam.

This is my most used distro. It may be a “boring” choice for some but it honestly just works and has great design.

I installed Ubuntu LTS

Ahhh boy, I already knew he’d run into issues right after that line. I wish people would stop recommending Ubuntu or difficult to get into distros like Arch. If someone’s new on Linux, please, just tell them to get something like Pop OS, Zorin OS, or Fedora (which someone convinced him with luckily!)

A lot of people recommend distros with poor support or UX, and others keep saying distros don’t matter since you can do anything on Linux. NO, distros matter A LOT for people getting into Linux because it’s their first impression, and one that’s too old or is difficult to get running will just turn them off forever.

Great video btw.

“Shitty Linus’s video” pointed out issues with Linux and its communities that people have been talking about for over a decade, yet people only just now realized because now a popular youtuber saying it.

Linux is awesome, but it has a massive UX problem. You have to use the console, but first you have to learn how to use the console, and when beginners install/update/remove something the console spams 300 lines that are hard to parse. Then when you mess up, you can damage your system. All of these things are obvious, but people only got alarmed when Linus struggled with it…

It’s been getting better with GUI tools and flatpak, but man 99% of distros are still a UX disaster and not made for the average person.

Elden Ring runs better on Linux thanks to Valve pre-caching shaders on first launch, while Windows users have to suffer through stuttering and poor DX12 performance. Pretty wild! It also has Proton-specific fixes that help performance, such as . Thanks, Valve!

I tried the newest ultrathin macbook (I think it was macbook air?) and my god did it have the worst keyboard I’ve ever used in my life. The keys almost felt like a touchscreen, there’s no space for them to go down because of how thin the laptop is. I’m all for thinner laptops, but it doesn’t have to be this extreme…