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# All Are Welcome. Everybody is welcome to join our community; you don’t have to be Muslim. Friends are welcome! ## Rules Moderation shall not be arbitrary, and this is a work in progress. We’ll try to be as fair as possible, so keep these as a grounding framework: 1. Be polite. It doesn’t matter what the issue is; we have to keep our akhlāq (أخلاق) to seriously high standards. 2. Keep it ḥalāl (حلال). We humbly require users not to make posts or comments that are against Islam, even technically. This rule along with the first one encompasses nearly everything, but the following rules are for additional clarification and reminder. 3. No promotion of violence or extremism. It will get removed immediately. 4. No sectarianism or bigotry. We don’t all agree, but we respect each other. It doesn’t matter Muslim or non-Muslim. ## Social * Matrix: * XMPP: * IRC: #islam on Snoonet
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are non-muslim/non-religious ppl welcome?
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Sidebar states everyone is welcome, even non-muslims.
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As the post stated, everyone is welcome regardless of their religion.

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